7 Ways To Have A Meaningful Quickie And Orgasm Fast!

7 Ways To  Have A Meaningful Quickie And Orgasm Fast!

Running late but feeling it? That's what quickies are for. In my opinion, quickies are underrated. They are dirty, they make you wild and they are so much fun. But did you know you can actually get off while you're at it? So, here are tips to make your fast and furious sessions meaningful and get to the big O real quick!

1. Lubrication, Maybe?

Since you are going to be at it for not too long, you would need to be wet for a good penetration. So, give yourself a quick start with some lubrication before you get going. This really helps if you're trying to reach the zenith in a few minutes!

ways to have a meaningful quickie 1

2. Aggressive Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of sex even if it's a quickie. Make sure you indulge in an aggressive foreplay to turn up the heat and then get to the mains. It will definitely help you get closer to the big O faster.

3. Wild Imagination

Your thoughts have a lot to do with the way you orgasm. Let your mind wander in the directions that only take you to pleasure. Leave other thoughts behind for some time. The world can wait.

ways to have a meaningful quickie 3

4. Try A New Position

Don't do the usual, but try a position that will help you get there faster. Positions like a woman on top and spooning will help you get to the climax faster than anything else.

5. Take Off What's Required

Just get to business. Don't waste your time removing all your clothes. Take off only the bare essentials and turn to each other. 

ways to have a meaningful quickie 5

6. Amp Up The Dirty Talk

Dirty talking works wonders when you want to get off fast. Whisper what you want him to do in his ears and what you want to do to him. The words will turn on both of you and you will get to the sweet end faster.

7. Opt For Oral!

The power of oral is unimaginable. Let him go down on you and you go down on him. Even better, try the 69 position to help each other climax quickly and deeply.

ways to have a meaningful quickie 7

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