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Five Ways To Take ‘Gram-Worthy Pictures With Your Engagement Ring

Five Ways To Take ‘Gram-Worthy Pictures With Your Engagement Ring

We can imagine how exasperating the current situation might be if you happen to be one of those couples whose wedding coincided with the lockdown. Or in case you got engaged right before it and can’t really cherish your courtship until the lockdown gets lifted. Now, while trying as the current time might be, this is also a great opportunity to count your blessings, especially for everyone who is currently engaged.

You have so much to be grateful for and so many happy things to look forward to despite the current crisis and that, right now, has to be a real blessing! But where exactly to start, you ask? Look at that sleek, gorgeous rock on your finger and you’d have your answer right there. Ladies, this is a great opportunity to cherish your engaged life, your partner, and that solitaire! Also, there isn’t any harm in flaunting it a little, especially if it happens to be a Forevermark treasure. We’d be under-utilising our Insta feeds if we fail to flaunt something that exquisite. 

Onboard with the idea? Here’s are some ‘Gram-worthy ways of clicking your engagement ring the right way:

Begin With The Basics: Technical Details To Keep In Mind


We all know that it is how light plays on your diamond and its chiseled edges that make it truly brilliant. Now, it would be such a waste if you decided to click that engagement ring without due consideration to the lighting and using it to bring out the gorgeously defined edges of your possession! Similarly, to keep the focus on your ring, it is advisable to physically move the camera instead of zooming in the camera. And yes, as they say, angles are everything!

Some Instant Tips For The ‘Gram!


Now that we are sorted with the technical basics, how about we explore how to click the perfect Insta pic that will get you tons of like? Read on.  

Focus On The Background

Nathan Lee Allen

Just announcing the engagement? Make sure you click that gorgeous ring against a backdrop as grand as that diamond. And while you are at it ensure that the background sits in perfect harmony with the defined depts of the ring. This is why natural backgrounds work great as they resonate with the grandness of your ring. 

If You Are Happy And You Know IT, Flaunt It Off

Nathan Lee Allen

Now, as we talk about the background hunt, here’s an idea in case you struggle to find one: use that smile to match with the brilliance of your Forevermark diamond and that should do the task for you. This one works especially well if you are newly engaged, you know what we mean!

Click One With ‘The One’

Nathan Lee Allen

Now, as we go about flaunting the resplendent ring, let’s now forget about the one that it connects you with. In fact, in case you are seeking to make them feel a little special, pull up one of those numerous pictures that you clicked with your partner on the engagement day and post it on the ‘Gram with a heartfelt message. Works wonders, we tell you!

Go For A Subtle Nail Colour

Nathan Lee Allen

While the endless array of gel manicures might have led you to believe that you need to get a specifically dramatic one to show off that engagement ring, we’d advise you against it. Firstly, it will take off the attention from the serenity of your Forevermark diamond. Secondly, manicures come and go out of fashion and you don’t want to post something that’ll make you look outdated just a few months down the road. This is why we suggest that you choose from a palette of pastels or rich maroons. 

Let Your Personality Do The Talking

Nathan Lee Allen

As you go on an Insta-flaunting spree, do remember that you have that ring because your partner loves you for who you are and would only cherish it if you let your true self shine. After all, you, my dear, are as rare as your Forevermark diamond!

So ladies, all set to show off that big, bright rock?

Featured Image: ForevermarkNathanLeeAllen

22 May 2020

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