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Loved ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 2? Watch These 5 Reality Shows That Are All About Finding Love

Loved ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 2? Watch These 5 Reality Shows That Are All About Finding Love

Sima aunty from Mumbai knocked on our screens in season one of Indian Matchmaking and had us hooked to her show ever since. Apart from cringing every time she said ‘you have to adjust’, we also guilt-watched the show for several reasons. The eight-part series had several exciting moments that showed us how truly difficult it is to find ‘the one’ in a pool of incompatible eligible men and women. And it also shed light on the traditional and often misunderstood approach to matchmaking.


So, if you too are a sucker for shows that chronicle the process of finding the love of your life, you’re in luck! We’ve listed five binge-worthy reality shows on OTT that will have you rooting for your fave couples. Take a look:

Love Is Blind


Going by the name, Love Is Blind is an American-reality show where people decide to get married to someone without ever looking at them. Undeniably gripping, the contestants are placed in isolation pods and only get to have conversations through a speaker. After 10 days, every person gets the opportunity to either get engaged to someone or exit the show. And if they choose the former, have merely three weeks to plan a wedding! From moments that will make you say ‘oh God, why’, to some parts that will have you swoon, this show makes for a fun watch on any boring day.

Love On The Spectrum


Smashing the stereotype that all reality-shows are trash, this one is hella heartwarming minus all the cringe. This nine-part series profiles six people who are on the autism spectrum. And they are matched on dates in the hopes that they find the love of their lives. The best part of the show? It gives us a glimpse into the wholesome lives of people on the spectrum and tells us that they’re more than just quirks and social awkwardness. It also shows us how they too, like anyone else, deserve a shot at love.

What The Love?

It’s where six people with “flaws” are chosen and taught how to shed their insecurities in order to find love. Apart from being mentored and groomed by KJo himself, the contestants are also met with celebs and comedians who give them a whole lot of advice. And before the big date, they even get a makeover, and NGL, it’s hella fun to see them transform into bolder, more confident versions of themselves. While the series may seem uninspired at times, it makes it to our list because of its enjoyable and authentic take. Let’s not forget that it also has a moment where it address LGBTQ+ struggles. And come on, how often do we get to see that on mainstream Indian web shows? 

The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On


This brand new reality show graced our screens earlier this year. With never a dull moment, this series pushes couples to take a hard look at their relationships in an unconventional way. It’s here they put their love to the ultimate test as they switch partners for a three-week trial marriage. After this time, they go back to their original partners for a trial courtship of their own, before picking one of the three options. They get to either marry their original partner, run off with their “trial” partner, or leave alone. With several moments that warrant an audible gasp, you can now stream this show on Netflix if you’re looking for an entertaining watch.

A Suitable Girl  


This Netflix docu-show also features our fave Sima aunty, but without the comedic frills. It follows the life of three Indian women who are struggling to maintain their identities amid intense pressure to get married. Not only does it tackle real issues such as autonomy of women, freedom of choice, fat-shaming and colourism. It also manages to beautifully capture the struggle between modernity and tradition when talking about female independence.

So, which one of these will make it to your weekend binge list?

Featured Image: Netflix

12 Aug 2022

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