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Hell Yes! Anupama And Anuj Might Get Hitched Soon But Not Without A Major Plot Twist

Hell Yes! Anupama And Anuj Might Get Hitched Soon But Not Without A Major Plot Twist

Daily soaps have a longstanding reputation for giving us the same ghisa-pita content every year. Most of the serials feature a doormat bahu, a sexist parivaar and a cheating husband. But not Anupama. We’ll agree that we had plenty of issues with the storyline in the beginning, but then the plot changed and for good! The daughter-in-law divorced her cheating husband and set out to discover herself. We love how Anupama has finally moved on from her toxic relationship and is focusing on herself. 

Speaking of moving on, we’re hooked to the new story arc featuring Anuj and Anupama. And it’s not just us! Netizens too seem to be rooting for the couple and can’t wait for their wedding! If you’re one of them, we got an exciting update for you. Turns out, we might witness Anuj and Anupama’s wedding real soon! 


Apparently, Anupama will realise her love for Anuj and confess her feelings real soon. Post which, the two will decide to get hitched. NGL fam, this sounds amazing, but since when was anything so easy in the world of daily soaps? Before you start celebrating, let us tell you that the couple will have to face a major issue that might make them rethink their relationship. Could it be Kavya and Paritosh’s joint saazish? Well that’s something we’ll have to wait to find out.  

The daily soap has been winning hearts for its progressive storyline, and we’re glad the makers are finally giving us the content we deserve. As for Anuj and Anupama, we have to say that both of them deserve each other and we cannot wait to see their happily ever after! 

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10 Dec 2021

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