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What Does It Mean When He Never Texts First, But Always Replies?

What Does It Mean When He Never Texts First, But Always Replies?

Well, reality check! Men are fairly simple to understand. Yes, you may argue that, as a man, I may be a little biased; but, trust me when I say, we cannot play mind games. We’d rather tell you upfront what we feel. I mean, it saves everyone time and effort. But, there is another way we do this too, if we can’t say it sometimes. We let our actions tell you. I know there are some men who love to tag the girls along or just do it for attention but most of us aren’t like that. Most of us do want to try to hurt your feelings as little as possible. So, if you’re confused about any of our behaviours, I’m here to sort it out and give you an easy guide to a man’s brain. The first thing to discuss – why we (your crush, basically) never text you first but always reply when you do. 

1. Not A Text Person

There is a huge possibility that the reason most of us guys never text you first is that texting isn’t our thing. Do you even know how many jokes fall flat on texts? Well, we do! And humour is a way to woo you, so I might call you instead. Plus, if I like you, I love hearing you laugh!

3 never text first

2. You’re Only A Friend

How often do you text your friends? Well, almost never unless you need something from them or need to make a plan to meet up. That’s what I do at least. For all other things, I’d call them up and chit-chat. And honestly, texting takes a lot of time. The same conversation that might take hours on text will be over in minutes. That’s why, dear friend, I don’t text you first.

3. I’m Shy 

If I like you, there still may be a chance that I would not text you first. Guys are shy too, let’s not forget that and constantly texting you first makes us feel like we’re unwanted, so we don’t do it altogether. It’s just that being vulnerable does not top our list of things to do either!

1 never text first

4. I’m Not Into You

Another totally possible thing to consider is that maybe, I might not like you the way you like me. But the thing here is that I don’t want to hurt you either. So, whenever you text me, I reply. But I also hope that a lack of texts from my side may get the message across that I’m not romantically interested in you!

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29 Mar 2018

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