If He Doesn't Text You Back, Read THIS!

If He Doesn't Text You Back, Read THIS!

Picture this. You went on a perfect date with what seemed like the ‘perfect’ guy. You had a wonderful time with him. After that, you texted all night and there were several phone calls. There was a second date, if not better, then as good as the first one. It felt like you things were going really well, and this could possibly be Mr Right. Suddenly, the messages stop coming in and there are no phone calls anymore. After a point, there are no replies at all. He’s ghosted you. What next?

While this may seem like an extreme example, it is soul-crushing when he does not text you back. Your brain works overtime, analyzing and worrying about everything you’ve ever said or done to figure out where you went wrong. Were you too sarcastic, too intense or just too annoying? You have no idea and no way to find out.

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Stop Overthinking

First of all, STOP. And second, just stop! Stop blaming yourself, stop picking out your own faults, stop overthinking and stop pulling yourself down. We, women, tend to panic at the first sign of distress and that’s where it all goes downhill.

He may have a variety of reasons not to text you back. He may be caught up somewhere, he may have forgotten (something that happens to me a lot of times!) or maybe he’s just out and his phone ran out of battery. There are a number of reasons he hasn’t texted you back and most of them do not involve you. Give him the benefit of doubt for at least a while.

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Patience Is A Virtue…

Wait. Wait for about 48-72 hours either before texting him again or totally giving up on him. Around three days is a decent amount of time to reply to somebody’s text. And if he doesn’t reply in that time, ask yourself if you really want to be involved with somebody who cares about you so less that they couldn’t reply to a single text. You’ll have your answer.  

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… But Self Respect Comes First

Value yourself more than any guy. Your self-respect must matter to you the most. After all, how you love yourself teaches others how to love you. If he is the love of your life he’s not going to leave you hanging or in doubt. We can bet on that!

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As millennials, we openly laugh at the idea of ‘soulmates’ but secretly wish for nothing more than somebody who’ll love you for who you are and will be able to break the walls you have built around yourself. So tell me, do you really think that your soulmate will treat you like this? I’d like to think not.

So ladies, treat yourself well, irrespective of whether he’s texted you or not. Enjoy your own company, have fun and do what makes you truly happy. Give your attention to yourself and not a guy who doesn’t deserve it. And let’s not forget, you’ll now have time to flirt more and explore other opportunities. Definite plus! *Wink*

Let’s not let anyone steal our thunder. Okay?

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