Hands On: These Are The Hand Care Essentials You NEED To Keep At Work!

Kannagi DesaiKannagi Desai  |  Feb 15, 2018
Hands On: These Are The Hand Care Essentials You NEED To Keep At Work!

My first memory of reading a newspaper and watching TV, are seeing ads with pretty manicured hands with red nail paint selling stuff to you. A tie looks okay by itself, but when you have beautiful hands handling the tie, suddenly it is a gorgeous piece of fabric! While your manicurist can help you achieve that, there is some TLC that you will have to give your hands and nails to maintain the image. I know what you are thinking, we are busy people often with little inclination. Seriously though, this list that I am about to put forth has products that I use all the time, that are the least time consuming and definitely make sure your hands remain pretty until your next mani.

1. Innisfree Peony Hand Cream


Hand cream is an essential, especially if you are working in an air-conditioned office. The constant exposure to pollution and air conditioner tends to dry out your hands. You NEED to repeatedly moisturise and it barely takes 30 seconds.

Price: ₹ 300. Buy it here.

2. Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil


I know this seems a little fancy, but if you’ve ever been under stress or have been a nail-biter you’ll get it. Our cuticles and the skin around our nails take a heavy beating and almost never get any attention. So once in a while just apply some cuticle oil, and you will see your nail bed improving.

Price: ₹ 540. Buy it here.

3. Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Rose


Seriously, sometimes you need to keep these around. I have a couple of these at work and in my bag. You never know when something chips or your nails are tinted yellow. It’s always better to have clean nails than untidy chipped nail paint.

Price: ₹ 100. Buy it here.

4. L.A. Colors Base Coat/Top Coat Treatment


This would be my most favourite thing in the hand care kit. Here’s a trick especially if you have gel nail paint on. Always paint your nails with a store bought top coat as soon as you get a gel manicure done. Not only does it give you that extra shine, but also protects your nails from stains. And just in case it does get stained, use the remover wipes and remove the top coat. Your gel manicure will stay as is! It is my favourite trick!

Price: ₹ 295. Buy it here.

5. Beter Beauty Accessories Fiber Glass Nail File Fancy


Again, you don’t know when you might chip or break a nail. It is painful but what hurts even more are the ragged edges. Keep this is your desk drawer for emergency filing needs.

Price: ₹ 190. Buy it here.

6. Kara Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes With Triclosan And Aloe Vera (10 Wipes)


Use wipes instead of hand sanitizers when you really need a good cleanse. These wipes also make sure your skin doesn’t dry out.

Price: ₹ 50. Buy it here.

7. Innisfree Special Care Mask – Hand


Okay, I know this seems a little far-fetched. Why would you keep a hand moisturising mask at work, but hear me out? One of those late nights when you’re waiting for a heavy file to upload/download after-hours and have nothing else to do, take this mask out and give your hand a mini spa treatment. Seriously, try it out and you will thank me!

Price: ₹ 200 Buy it here. Buy it here.

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