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Take It Off, Detox Your Nails After Party Season

Raise your hands if you love pretty digits and a good gel manicure! Come party season, and you want to flaunt those done-up nails all the more. But one of the downsides of pretty, sparkly, perfect digits is the toll they take on the health of your nails! YES, your nails can feel sick too. Regular manicures and constant nail polish can cause your nails to get weak, brittle and yellow. And while that may not be a pretty sight to look at, there’s plenty of ways to reset the clock on your nails. Take a break from all things polish and gel manicure for about a month and see them shine!

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While you add those to your cart, here are 8 Things You MUST Know Before Your Gel Manicure! And if a gel manicure isn't your thing try a DIY at home ombre nail polish and take it off with ease using our easy DIY magic nail polish remover can!


Published on Jan 2, 2018
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