*Hands Down* The Best Routine For Your Hands This Winter!

*Hands Down* The Best Routine For Your Hands This Winter!

How many of you have been ignoring your hands these last few winter months? We don’t blame you, it’s easy to forget about them, and unfortunately, that means dry cuticles, wrinkly fingers look like they are in need of some TLC. There’s nothing worse than trying to get a perfect picture for Instagram and it being ruined by unsightly fingers. Here are some really effective hand care products and hand creams, and some useful tips that to get Insta-worthy hands. Let’s have a look!

1. Apply a cuticle oil

the body shop

The skin around your nails is the first to become dry and flaky due to the dry weather. Using a little nourishing cuticle oil will soften the skin and leave your fingers feeling smooth. It’s best when used after a warm bath, or alternatively, soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes and then apply for best results.

POPxo recommends: The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil (Rs 745)

2. Use A Nail Treatment

sally hansen

If you’re having trouble growing your nails, you might need some nail oil or treatment products that will help strengthen, smoothen and grow your nails. Whether you want long nails or short, fight off cracks and chips with a good nail care treatment product such as Sally Hansen’s complete care nail treatments that works in 4 steps to give you healthier nails.

POPxo recommends: Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing Nail Treatment - 3157 Clear (Rs 855)

3. File them down

the vintage company

Get the perfect shape of nail from round, to square or coffin and oval. Experiment with what looks best. Get yourself a file that can smooth, frame and buffer for shine. The best product for this, we feel, are the 4 in one blocks that allow you to do all of that with one handy tool.

POPxo recommends: The Vintage Cosmetic Company 4 Way Nail Buffer (Rs 450)

4. Make sure you moisturise daily


Don’t forget to give your hands a good dab of moisturiser to ward away dry skin and stop your hands from looking wrinkled and old. Apart from the face and neck, hands are a huge indicator of age, so fight these signs of ageing by using a hand cream daily.

POPxoo Recommends: Innisfree Peony Hand Cream (Rs 300)

5. Scrub a dub dub


Hands need exfoliation too. Dry skin and dead skin cells can cause your hands to look dull and aged. Before moisturising, use a scrub. Most hand scrubs have essential oils in them which soften, hydrate and nourish your skin to leave you will supple, soft hands.

POPxo recommends: BodyHerbals Hand Scrub - 1 Minute Manicure (Rs 315)

6. Keep a manicure set handy


Everyone needs a manicure set at home, so you can groom your fingers and toes. Basic tools like a clipper, nail file, cuticle trimmer and buffing pads are a must for those weeks when you don’t have time for a professional manicure.

POPxo recommends: QVS Neat Treat - Manicure Set with pouch (Rs 440)

7. Nail polish to the rescue

nykaa polish

When you need a quick fix, there is nothing better than a lick of paint to brighten up your hands. Always have a few shades of nude polish for those casual occasions. However, we also suggest having a few bright, festive and sparkly colours in your arsenal for them formal occasions.

POPxo recommends: Nykaa Sweet Cherry Nail Enamel Combo (Rs 571)

8. Say NO to chipped nail polish

lakme nail colour remover

Never have chipped nail polish. We repeat, never have chipped nail polish. No matter how busy you are, half-eaten nail polish on fingers is never okay. Always have nail polish remover at home for when your polish has lost its appeal. We suggest staying away from harsh acetone removers and opting for a part oil formula that won’t dry out your hands.

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POPxo recommends: Lakme Absolute Nourishing Nail Color Remover With Argan Oil (Rs 240)

9. Book a professional manicure

There is nothing better than getting your feet and hands pampered. Going to the salon and getting a professional manicure done, it a sure-fire way to get beautiful hands instantly. There are many treatments nowadays, from anti-ageing to anti-pigmentation, so pick one that you think is best for your hands.