#TryItNow: 10 Hairstyling Hacks to Make Life SO MUCH Easier

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 6, 2016


Not all of us are blessed with wash-and-go hair. Spending at least 30 minutes taming your mane is a typical morning for most of us. Well not anymore – we give you a few hairstyling hacks that will salvage those bad hair days in no time. With these simple tips, you no longer have to wake up extra early just to make sure that your strands behave. Go ahead and hit that snooze button!

1. Use Dry Shampoo The Night Before

If you know you’re not going to have enough time in the morning to wash your hair, but don’t want to show up to work with hair greasy enough to rival Professor Snape, dry shampoo will never fail you. Spritz some onto your roots before going to bed and brush out in the morning. It will soak up any traces of oiliness. We love Batiste Dry Shampoo (Price: INR 1,300).

Hairstyling Hacks

2. Gorgeous, Simple Waves

You don’t need to wrap every piece of hair around a curling iron for cute Boho waves. One super simple trick that anyone could do is to make 3 to 4 plaits in their hair, go over each braid with a flat iron a few times, undo the braids and voila.

3. Use A Straightening Brush

If you’re addicted to your hair dryer then it’s time you got your hands on these convenient brushes that will help give you straighter locks and reduce your blow-drying time. Denman’s Ceramic Straightening Brush (Price: INR 795) has boar bristles which also helps add shine.

Hairstyling Hacks

4. A Toothbrush And Hairspray To Tame Frizz

You don’t want to use too much hairspray because you don’t want your strands to be stiff and crunchy. Instead, spray some onto a toothbrush and use it to tame flyaways so you use just the right amount of hairspray to hold your hair in place without making it stiff.

5. Quick Curls With A Ponytail

If you really want to curl your hair but don’t have enough time, just pull it back into a ponytail and divide it into two or three sections. Wrap these sections around a curling iron and let your hair down.

6. Get Your Bangs Out Of The Way

If your bangs are at that awkward growing-out length and keep getting in your eyes, just twist them and pin to a side or French braid them for an instant dash of cuteness.

Hairstyling Hacks

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7. Use The Ponytail Trick To Fake Fuller Hair

Pull the top half of your hair into a high ponytail and gather the remaining hair into another ponytail below that. Make sure the top half falls over the lower ponytail, making it look like one full, voluminous ponytail.

8. Amp Up Your Bobby Pin Game

Use colourful bobby pins to create cool designs on your hair. Pin them into a triangle or a chevron pattern to create a unique statement while pulling some of your hair back.

Hairstyling Hacks

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9. Give Your Hair A Half Wash

If you have thick hair that takes ages to wash or your bangs look greasy then just wash the front of your hair in the sink while pulling the rest of your hair back. It will help you feel instantly fresher while saving plenty of time.

10. Make Use Of The Cold Setting On Your Blow Dryer

When blow drying our hair, most of us only use the hot air setting. What you should really do is alternate between hot and cold air to help set your style and make it last for longer.

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