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7 Pretty Hairstyles That Go Perfectly With Indian Wear!

7 Pretty Hairstyles That Go Perfectly With Indian Wear!

When we go desi, we like to make sure that we pick the right shoes, clutch and jewellery to go with our ensembles, to nail that perfect ethnic look. Well, your hair makes a big difference too, of course. If you’re tired of simply letting it loose and want to notch up your traditional style game, then try one of these fabulous hairstyles that go with Indian wear amazingly well. They’re easy to perfect and just so pretty! Whether you’re wearing a simple suit or stunning sari, these hairstyles with Indian wear will take your desi girl style to a whole new level!

7 Stunning Hairstyles For Traditional Wear

If you are done with simple look and want to try out some amazing traditional dress hairstyles, so here are some of the stunning haistyles for ethnic wear that will take you to a whole new level of traditional look .

Roses Are Red

hairstyles that go with Indian wear

Image: PDK World on Instagram

Flowers are always a great hair accessory to pair with Indian wear as well as for adding a festive touch to your look – and nothing can be more striking than red roses! Pair your romantic, rose-do with a matching red lipstick like Dippy and you’re sure to be the center of attention with your sari style. 

Step 1: Make a center part. 

Step 2: Add a bit of serum to get that sleek effect before pulling your back into a tight, low bun.

  Step 3: Now pin in your roses. You can pin them all on one side of the chignon or all around it – whatever you like!

Do The Twist

hairstyles that go with Indian wear

Image: Anushka Sharma on Instagram

We absolutely love this soft updo from Anushka that is just perfect to show off some stunning chandbalis don’t you think? One of our favourite hairstyles for Indian girls!

Step 1: Create a mid-parting. Take a 2-inch wide section on either side of the parting along the hairline and separate it from the rest of your hair. 

Step 2: Tease your crown to create lots of volume and then pull the rest of your hair back into a messy bun. 

Step 3: Now twist both the sections of the hair you left loose in the front, towards each side of your parting. Twist them down to your ears and then twist the ends backwards to combine with the bun.

Style On My Side

hairstyles that go with Indian wear

Image: Viral Bhayani We think that this simple do of Parineeti is effortlessly chic with a playful vibe. It will look great with anything from an anarkali to a lehenga to a sari and a must when it comes to hairstyles.

Step 1: If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, embrace it and scrunch your strands with a bit of mousse to enhance it. For straight hair, wrap sections of hair around a curling iron to get pretty kinks and waves. 

Step 2: Flip your hair to one side, but make sure your side parting isn’t too defined just like with Parineeti’s look. 

Step 3: Take a section of hair from the parting to your ear, twist it backwards and pin it in place.

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Braid To The Rescue

hairstyles that go with Indian wear

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

Girls, braids will never fail you when you’re bored of your regular hair and want to notch it up without trying too hard. Doesn’t Sonam look pretty as a picture with her fuss-free braided bun? It’s the perfect thing to pair with a stunning maang tikka. 

Step 1: Create a mid parting. Now begin French-braiding your hair along the hairline on either side. A French braid is done with 3 sections (like a regular plait), but every time you cross over a section, you pick a thin piece of loose hair and combine it to your section. (Learn how to do it here.) 

Step 2: Continue French-braiding till about your ear on either side. Now gather all your hair into a low bun and secure. 

Step 3: Now pin your pretty maang tikka in place.

The Braided Ponytail

hairstyles that go with Indian wear

Like we said, it’s never a bad idea to rock a braid when it comes to Indian hairstyles. Try this look to notch up an ordinary ponytail to create a cute style like Alia. 

Step 1. Create a side parting. 

Step 2: Now take a section of hair from the front and comb it towards the larger side of your parting. Make a French-braid till you reach past your ear. 

Step 3: Now gather all your hair into a low ponytail. You can tie your ponytail on the side if you like.

The Off-My-Face Do

hairstyles that go with Indian wear

Image: Viral Bhayani

Want to let your hair loose but don’t want it in your eyes or face? This simple style by Ash is so practical and also a great way to bring a twist to your regular hair. Don’t forget to finish it off these Indian hairstyles with a bright bindi

Step 1: Create a parting wherever you want – in the middle or on the side. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the center. 

Step 2: Now take a 2-inch wide section of hair on one side of the parting and pin it behind your ear in a way whereby the pin is concealed underneath the rest of your hair. 

Step 3: Do the same on the other side.

The Traditional Route

hairstyles that go with Indian wear

Image: Kangana FC on Instagram

Take a leaf out of Kangana’s sartorial book and go super traditional. We’re talking gajra, jhumkis, bindi and maybe even a kanjeevaram sari – the works! Nothing can stop you from looking fantabulous!  Step 1: Brush your hair to remove any knots. 

Step 2: Wrap your hair into a low bun. 

Step 3: Pin your gajra around it.

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05 May 2016

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