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5 Gorgeous Bindi Designs For The Bride-To-Be!

5 Gorgeous Bindi Designs For The Bride-To-Be!

Your wedding day is coming closer and you are busy surfing the internet for wedding ideas and inspirations. Well, here we’ve put together some beautiful bridal bindi designs you can take inspiration from for your big day!

1. Be subtly stylish

1 bridal bindi design Image: Bindis and Baubles on Instagram This is a simple yet stylish bindi design. With a large bindi in the middle and just three small jewelled bindis over each eyebrow, this design adds a small amount of glitter to your face. It’s a great option if you have bright eye makeup.

2. Highlight your eyebrows

2 bridal bindi design
Image: Bindis and Baubles on Instagram This design brings the entire focus to the eyebrows. A big maang tikka is in the middle of the forehead and small bindis are placed along the entire length of the eyebrows. But make sure that the colours match that of the maang tikka! Also read: Gorgeous Paasas To Inspire Your Bridal Jewellery Style!

3. Painted dots never go out of style

3 bridal bindi design Image: Bipasha Basu on Instagram Red and white dots painted above the eyebrows are a traditional Bengali bridal bindi design. The dots are made with kumkum (red) and chandan (white) paste. You don’t really have to be of Bengali heritage to use this design as it can make any bride look gorgeous!

4. Let out your inner graphic artist

4 bridal bindi design Image: Bindis and Baubles on Instagram This intricate bridal bindi design is painted on using the chandan paste. You can place a simple red bindi between your eyebrows and paint a design of your choice across your forehead. Have someone with a steady hand execute this one!  
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5. The tikli way

5 bridal bindi design Image: Cupcake Productions The traditional Maharashtrian bindi is known as a tikli. It is a pretty upturned half-moon shaped bindi drawn out with kumkum and chandan. Match it with a maang tikka and gorgeous eye makeup to complete the look.
Published on Jul 8, 2016
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