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Haircut for Diamond Shaped Face

9 Haircuts That’ll Perfectly Flatter Your Diamond Shaped Face

A haircut can instantly change the way you look, right? Not only that, a new haircut makes you feel more confident and if you are someone who loves changing her looks as often as the contestants in Bigg Boss change their moods, then you need to read ahead!

Here are some amazing celebrity-inspired haircuts that’ll make you pick up your phone and book an appointment right away! And oh, did we mention that today we’re specifically focusing on haircuts for a diamond shape face? Yup, scroll ahead girls! 

Short Haircuts For Diamond Shaped Face

If you have a diamond-shaped face and looking for haircut inspirations for short hair, then you’ve landed on the right page. Even if you have long or medium length hair and are planning to chop them off, then make sure you check out these short haircuts for a diamond-shaped face first!

Buzz Cut

short buzzcut for diamond shaped face


If you are a diva who isn’t afraid to experiment with bold and edgy hairstyles, then you have to try this haircut. Instead of just shortening your hair from one side, ask your hairstylist to also create some ‘art’ so that you stand out from the crowd, wherever you go! Trust us, it’s going to look so bomb with your face cut, especially if you have a killer jawline.

Pixie Cut

Pixie Haircut for diamond shaped face


One of the best ways you can instantly change your look is via parting. And no matter what anyone says, middle parting looks great on everyone. With various new hair trends on the rise, all thanks to TikTok, middle parting has definitely made quite the comeback. In fact, it also looks great on girls who have round faces.

Trim With A Side Parting

Side parting haircut for diamond shaped face


Another best haircut for a diamond-shaped face is a simple trim. Instead of going all crazy, you can go for a nice trim and part your hair sideways to show off your beautiful facial structure. Make sure you also use some #InstaWorthy hair accessories. The parting can make all the difference, trust us!

Medium Length Haircuts For Diamond Shaped Face

If you have long or medium length hair and are looking for ways to change your appearance, then check out these medium length haircuts for a diamond-shaped face.

A Nice Trim

 Medium length hair trim for a diamond-shaped face


Bid adieu to all your damaged locks and get a cut. We agree that long hair has a certain charm but if it is damaged, then it’ll only pull down your look. And if you have a diamond face shape, then you should totally go for a step or a medium length layered haircut. Just use your hair styling tools to add some volume and we bet you’re going to fall in love with your tresses.


hair cut for diamond face shape


Want to change your look completely without compromising your hair length? Then, you need to get bangs. Ever since people started cutting their own bangs in lockdown, bangs have become the statement haircut. And if you have a broad forehead, then you should totally book an appointment right away and get this bang-ing haircut.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs haircut for diamond shaped face


Do not fear how will you style your mane once your bangs start to grow out as the simple solution lies in curtain bangs. This 60’s inspired hairdo has made quite the comeback with celebs like Priyanka and JLo already flaunting it on their Instagram. Ask your hairstylist to give you curtain bangs and we bet you’re going to love how defined your face will look. Also, make sure you comb and style them properly, otherwise, they can look really bad!

Again, a really nice option to consider if you are looking for a medium length haircut for a diamond-shaped face and if you really do not want to shorten your mane.

Long Haircuts For Diamond Shaped Face

If you have hair that can make even Rapunzel jealous, then these haircuts for girls are just for you beauties! Time to flaunt a new look with these awesome long haircuts for a diamond-shaped face.

Steps With A Touch Of Colour

long haircuts for a diamond-shaped face


Maintaining long hair can be such a task, especially if you have damaged hair or just split-ends. But instead of chopping all of your hair ends, go for a step haircut. It’ll not only remove most of your dull and dead hair but it’ll also add volume. You can also get some highlights to take your hair game to another level!

A Trim with Loose Curls

haircut for diamond shape face


Getting regular trims is an excellent way to ensure that your hair doesn’t stop growing and looks healthy at the same time! And if you want to make a slight change to your appearance, then get your hair trimmed today. Also, change your hair parting to look a little different. Styling your long hair using a hair styling tool is always a fab way to show off your new haircut!

Complete Hair Makeover

haircut for diamond face shape


If you are ready for a complete hair makeover, then you have to try JLo’s signature look. Ask your hairstylist to cut your bangs and also get rid of split-ends. Go for a long layered haircut for your diamond-shaped face to avoid losing your desired hair length.

Next, get global hair colour, along with some highlights on top of it and we bet, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.


We bet you’re gearing for the weekend so you can get a nice haircut, right? But till then, read these amazing stories.

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PS: A great haircut can make all the difference to your look!

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24 Feb 2021

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