11 Guys Reveal The Hottest Things Women Do *Right* Before Sex!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Jul 4, 2017
11 Guys Reveal The Hottest Things Women Do *Right* Before Sex!


There are a few things that turn men on during sex and we have pretty much aced that game. But did you know that there are a lot of things that you do right before sex that turn them on like nothing else? We couldn’t believe it either so we wanted to hear the story straight from the horse’s mouth and asked 11 guys to tell us the things girls do that turn men on the most before sex and THIS is what they had to say!

1. Just the way you smell

‘I personally feel that one of the most important things that a girl does before having sex is watch how she (or her breath) smells. Good fragrance is a major turn on and the effort a woman makes to smell good is SO hot!’

1 things girls do that turn men on - girl perfume fragrance

2. Them manicured nails

‘I have a fetish for hands that look pretty. Good, well kept nails are a BIG turn on. Also, the way she moves her nails on my body makes me want to beg for more. Yes! It’s that intense.’

3. Gentle kissing

‘Not too much, never too little – kissing needs to be done just the right way. Gentle and with a lot of passion is what is super duper hot and absolutely irresistible!’

4. Keeping the anticipation alive

‘I love how she prepares for a blowjob by slowly kissing me from head to toe. It’s the anticipation that makes me want more. I love every bit of it. It’s SO hot!’

4 things girls do that turn men on - ryan gosling wow

5. Dirty talking, of course

‘Not many people know but guys love it when girls nibble around our neck and ear. It is such a major turn on and I just love it when she does it. In fact, I don’t mind a few whispers of dirty talk while she is at it.’

6. Pulling his hair

‘I am pretty sure a lot of guys will agree with what I am saying. When she grabs my hair during foreplay and pulls it, I am majorly turned on!’

7. Stripping the right way

‘You know what’s hot? May sound a little weird to a lot of people but when she makes an effort to undress not just herself but me too! I absolutely love it.’

7 things girls do that turn men on - undress couples

8. Staying on top (not just during sex)

‘Every man loves the woman on top position during sex but what we like even more is when she makes an effort to be on top during foreplay. I just love it when my girlfriend takes a bit of control to get on top to do things to me during foreplay.’

9. Being dominating

‘There is a completely different charm when a woman dominates in bed. It is hot, it is irresistible and it is everything that I would want for myself, every time we’re at it.’

10. Here’s to being experimental

‘If she tells me that she wants to take our moves to somewhere else instead of the bed, I would love it. Infact, any form of experiment right before sex, be it with a lube or a vibrator is more than welcome. You would love it if your girl loves experiments as much as you do.’

10 things girls do that turn men on - couple sex

11.  Tying that hair up!

‘When she ties that hair up in a messy bun, you know sh*t is going to get real. Love it when she wraps her hair up in a bun before going down on me!’

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