8 Things You Need To Buy If Your Feelings For Bollywood Are *Bohot Hard*

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  May 16, 2019
8 Things You Need To Buy If Your Feelings For Bollywood Are *Bohot Hard*


Does your idea of a perfect weekend involve binge-watching your favourite Bollywood movies – even if you’ve watched them a million times already? Are you unable to stop your feet from tapping as soon as you hear a filmy song? Do you often quote movie dialogues *randomly* out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation? Have you ever been called theatrical or dramatic by those who spend most of their time with you? If you answered a big YES to most of these questions – then, you’re officially bitten by the Bollywood bug, my dear friend!

And Mogambo khush huaaaaaa – just like us! So, if your feelings for Bollywood are *bohot hard*, you will DEFINITELY go gaga over this super fun and filmy products – ek din ke liye nahi, ek pal ke liye nahi, zindagi bhar ke liye. (Brownie points for guessing the right movie. Hehe!)

1. For The One Who Loves Herself To Bits


There’s no love like self-love. Nobody can be you, and that’s your ultimate power. So, if you absolutely adore yourself and TRULY believe that you’re the best, then using a Mai Apni Favourite Hoon Phone Cover (Rs 499) is the best way to express your unbeatable confidence.

2. For The Emotional Fool


Are you the kind who ends up in tears at almost every emotional movie moment or a romantic, mushy reunion? If so, you need to deck your walls with this Pushpa I Hate Tears’ Poster (Rs 250) for its cool retro vibes and popping colours – and silently warn those around you in advance! *wink*

3. For The Dancing Queen


If you can’t stop yourself from dancing as soon as you hear a Bollywood song around you, then this Ek Do Teen Wall Clock (Rs 999) will suit your funky personality, perfectly. So, brighten up your walls with this quirky and colourful piece of art and admire Bollywood’s most iconic dance in the best way!

4. For The One Who Enjoys Life To The Fullest


There’s nothing better than a sweet little Babu Moshai Poster (Rs 250) for anyone who lives fearlessly or for anybody you wish to share this muft ka Bollywood gyaan with. It’ll not only make the walls look much more attractive with it’s pretty, subtle colours but spread full-on desi vibes as well!

5. For The One Who’s Happily Motivated


Meet your new best friend that’ll ensure you’re super high on energy all the time and need to hustle to achieve great things in life. How’s The Josh Mug (Rs 349) is for those workaholics or super motivated peeps who can’t function without their daily cups of coffee or chai!

6. For The Forever Optimists


For all the Gully Boy fans out there, this simple and sweet, Apna Time Ayega T-shirt (Rs 450) can transform your boring outfit into a super cool one and be a perfect little boost for the discouraged hearts to never give up. Your breakthrough is on on the way, my friend. Hold on for just a little while more!

7. For The One Who’s A Hopeless Romantic


If you found your love in friendship or vice versa, grab this super romantic, Pyar Dosti Hai Tote Bag (Rs 1,400) to add an element of cuteness to any outfit. Carry it off with style, confidence and loads of love – and maybe, gift it to someone who’s your soulmate but *really* a best friend?

8. For The One Who’s Obsessed With DDLJ


If you’ve watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge a hundred times and still can’t get enough of the old-school romance, this DDLJ Palat Notebook (Rs 299) will be your favourite diary for life! Pen down your secrets or deepest desires but unlike Simran, make the dreams come true YOURSELF – whether it’s an ambition or a life with the one you love.

So, what are you waiting for? HURRY and grab them before any other Bollywood fanatic does!

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