17 Signs You Give Yourself The Love That You Deserve!

17 Signs You Give Yourself The Love That You Deserve!
You know they say that you should learn to love yourself before you expect others to love you? Well, you’ve got that pretty much covered! You definitely love yourself, maybe even a lot. We give you a few signs that you are your favourite person. You’re all-round fabulous and you know it!

1. You totally related to Kareena Kapoor’s character, Geet, in Jab We Met. “Main Apni Favourite Hoon”.

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2. Whether you’re single or not, it really doesn’t matter, you give yourself all the love and attention you need.

3. As much as you love spending time your friends and family, you’re also perfectly happy being by yourself and with your own company.

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4. You don't need post selfies for "likes" - you are content to have a few just for your own pleasure! ;-) .

5. You really don’t get fazed by what other people think or say about you. You’ve accepted that nobody's perfect, even yourself!

6. You’re strong enough to end relationships that don’t make you happy or make you feel good about yourself.

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7. You listen to what others say, but at the end of the day, you always make decisions based on what you think is right.

8. You’re not afraid to flaunt your own personal sense of style. You dress to impress yourself.

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9. You’re an independent woman and have learnt to live happily without depending on others.

10. Pampering yourself is what you love doing best. Buying yourself things and spa days are you guilty pleasures.

11. Everyone knows if there’s a camera, you will be in front of it. You really love posing for pictures.

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12. You always plan something big for your birthday and go all out. After all, it’s a celebration of YOU.

13. You would probably high-five yourself if it wasn’t weird. Self-five anyone?!

14. You’re a great listener, but you also love talking about yourself and adore when everyone’s focusing on you.

favourite person

15. You’re hard-working and allow yourself to shine.

16. You’re picky when it comes to partners - you want somebody who will totally get you, respect you and love you the way you are.

17. You’re pretty sure that if only everybody was as awesome as you are, the world would be a pretty cool place.

favourite person

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