26 Signs You Are a Die-Hard Bollywood Fan

26 Signs You Are a Die-Hard Bollywood Fan

No matter how much you try and deny it, you thrive on the drama and masala of our Hindi films. There’s no denying that you can’t take the Bollywood out of an Indian. Beg to differ? We give you all the signs that you are a die-hard Bollywood fan. Now pass us the popcorn!

1. You talk like Geet and Poo - “Main apni favourite hoon.”

2. You have Bollywood posters stuck all over your room.

point 2 - Die hard bollywood fan

3. You are either a diehard Shah Rukh Khan fan or a Salman Khan Fan.

4. You have at least 6 favourite Bollywood songs and you just can’t pick a number one between them.

5. You call Salman - “Bhai

6. You’ve always wanted a man like Raj, Rahul or Prem.

point 6 - Die hard Bollyfood fan

7. You plan your week according to which films are releasing that Friday.

8. You make it a point to read page 3 every morning without fail to catch all the juicy gossip about your favourite celebs, of course.

point 8 - die hard bollywood fan

9. “TGIF” for you is Thank God It’s Friday ‘cos First Day First Show!

10. You’re always on the hunt to search for Bollywood merchandise.

11. You know where all the actors stay and you’ve actually come to Mumbai to see their homes.

12. You actively stalk these celebrities on social media and try talking to them.

point 4 - die hard bollywood fan

13. All your fashion choices are Bollywood based. You wore patialas after Geet sported them, you had a haircut like Anjali and you wanted that metallic lehenga that Shanaya (Alia Bhatt) wore in Radha from Student of The Year.

14. You squeal like a schoolgirl when you spot a celebrity and nearly maul them.

Point 21- Signs you're a die hard bollywood fan

15. You ask your PR and journalist friends to take you along to Bollywood events. There is nothing like coming face to face with your one true love.

16. You have a never-ending list of movies you can watch again and again.

17. From Ek Pal Ka Jeena to Shaava Shaava, you know the dance steps perfectly from almost every big Bollywood song.

bollywood fan point 17

18. You know the names of all their children- Aryan, Suhana and AbRam.

19. You can analyze a movie just by looking at the trailer, except Salman’s movie, his have to be watched.

20. You are aware that Bollywood gives us unrealistic expectations about love, but that doesn’t stop you from fantasizing about bumping into your true love on a train ride or while holidaying in Europe.

Point 20-Signs you're a die hard bollywood fan

21. You have watched a few movies, a million times - DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Jab We Met.

22. You judge people according to who their favourite actor/actress is.

23. Your parents named you after their favourite stars and you’ve kept up to the tradition by naming yours as well.

24. You can recite famous movie dialogues even in your sleep.

25. You’ve done the towel dance for sure. Bye-bye sanity.

Point 25- Die Hard Bollywood Fan

26. You have seriously considered trying your hand at acting at some point in your life.

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