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7 Fun TikTok Challenges To Take With Your Partner During The Lockdown!

7 Fun TikTok Challenges To Take With Your Partner During The Lockdown!

Is it just me or has this quarantine made you seriously consider downloading TikTok? Well, we’re all bored, we’ve all finished all the seasons of Money Heist and baked a few too many chocolate cakes, so what else is there to do? You can do cute photoshoots with your bae and even play some challenging games with him.

If you’re as obsessed with social media like us, we’ve got great ideas for you to pass time with your partner during quarantine- TikTok challenges. Trust us, they’re the freakin’ best!

7 TikTok Challenges That You’ve Got To Try With Your Partner

Another activity to add to your quarantine list!

The Plank Challenge

Plixxo Super Blogger, Masoom Minawala and her husband Shalin have brought the gym to their homes with this cute plank challenge. Of course, home workouts are great to kill time, stay in shape and also stay mentally fit. Training together is special, right?

How Well Do You Know Each Other?

Another cute li’l activity to do together is to blindfold each other or simply just shut your eyes and take this challenge. You’ll get to see if your answers really match and if you’re on the same page or not. What a cute thing to giggle and reminisce about once all this is over! Also, don’t Plixxo Super Blogger Diipa Khosla and her beau look adorable?

Switch The Flip Challenge

Okay, this one has got to be our fave on the list. The flip the switch challenge is basically where you’re filming in your own clothes and then have to recreate the other one’s look. How hilarious and amusing is this? We could all do with a little laughter right about now, TBH.

Rolly Rolly Rolly

You’ve got to add some fun and dance to your quarantine routine and this Rolly Rolly challenge is just the one! With easy dance steps and coordinated moves, even if you aren’t the best at dancing, you’ll totally be able to do this. Karishma and her hubby have totally nailed this one!

Another Home Workout Challenge

This is another plank challenge and it’s tougher than the last one. You and your boo have to be really dedicated to fitness to attempt this cause you don’t want to fall and injure each other. Nonetheless, it looks like a whole lot of fun. Didn’t Plixxo Influencer, Roshni ace it!?

Quarantine Mode

Pretty sure you’ve seen those ‘what the hell is beauty mode’ videos and here’s the opposite. This even gives you a reason to dress up in something other than your PJs for once and look your glam best and film cute TikTok videos! Aren’t Savi and Vid the cutest?!

Oh Na Na Na

Plixxo blogger, Nita Sofiani Rana takes the most adorable TikTok challenges so why wouldn’t she and bae excel at the famous Oh Na Na Na challenge? Well-coordinated and enjoyable, this dancing and hopping one will give you something to do during what seems like an endless quarantine.

So, influenza ready!?

Featured Image: Instagram

20 Apr 2020

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