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Get Glowing Skin The Easy Way – 7 Foods For The Bride-To-Be!

Get Glowing Skin The Easy Way – 7 Foods For The Bride-To-Be!

If you’re worried about how your skin will turn out on your wedding day, don’t fix an appointment with that salon lady just yet! You can now eat your way to beautiful skin. The dear bride-to-be, by making a tiny change in your diet, you will get the skin you truly desire. Here are 7 things to eat for the clear and glowing skin! (Thank us later!)

1. Carrots for the win

1 Foods to eat for glowing skin

A carrot or two a day will make your skin glow in time for your special day. This bright orange veggie is packed with vitamin A and vitamin C, which are responsible for collagen growth,  reducing, fine lines, dark spots and acne. Every morning you can either drink carrot juice or dice the veggie into fine pieces that you toss into your salad. Or you could just eat them as they are.

2. Beetroots have superpowers!

They may not really taste appetizing, but trust us, they will do wonders for your skin! Their anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins and minerals prevent acne and make skin glow. For getting rid of toxins and purifying the blood, drink a tall glass of beetroot juice every day. Results should show up within 3-5 weeks.

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3. Grainy and juicy pomegranates are so yum

3 Foods to eat for glowing skin

For supple and baby soft skin, pomegranates are the best! From the peel to the tiny seed, every part of the fruit is packed with nutrients. It’s rich in antioxidants and does an amazing job of keeping your skin clean and youthful at all times. Clean the fruit and store the ruby red grains in an airtight container. Place it in the refrigerator and eat chilled whenever you crave something sweet.

4. Have you eaten avocados yet?

Think of avocados as the veggie version of flavoured yoghurt! It contains biotin and vitamin E that’s essential for hair growth and giving the skin a natural glow. You can slice the fruit in half and use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and snack on it. Just imagine how happy your skin will look on your wedding day!

5. Juicy red tomatoes, anyone?

5 Foods to eat for glowing skin

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins and an antioxidant called lycopene. It prevents your soft skin from ageing, and it also gives it a natural glow! Since these tiny fruits are acidic in nature, it keeps the dark spots, pimples and acne at bay. It also tightens your pores! Cut them into fine slices and include them in your meals. Drinking tomato juice every morning works like a charm too!

6. Strawberries love your skin

If you’re craving a tasty (and healthy!) snack, strawberries are a good option. Eating a handful of them a day will improve skin complexion, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help brighten dull skin. You’re surely going to look like a gorgeous bride on your wedding day!

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7. Munch on some almonds!

7 Foods to eat for glowing skin

One reason why you’ll love munching on almonds is that they’re so nutritious for your skin and hair! They may be tiny in size, but they’re packed with vitamin E. It keeps your skin moist and youthful even on the driest of days. Soak them overnight or roast them and toss them into your salad for a healthy and refreshing meal.

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