#SweetDreams: How To Banish Bad Dreams & Sleep Better!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016


Have you been waking up in the middle of the night feeling terrified and breathless? If you have, you’ve probably encountered a nightmare! These freaky dreams are a common phenomenon, and usually take place when you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or you’ve heard or seen something recently that was unpleasant. You may not be aware of it, but all these tiny factors play in your subconscious mind which could be the main reason why you’re getting those nightmares in the first place. If you’re having a hard time catching some ZZZs because of your dreams, follow these 7 simple tips and you’re bound to sleep like a baby every night.

1. Grab That Pen And Paper!

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Just before you call it a night, make sure you take some time out and focus on writing your thoughts for that day. Be true to yourself and write down your problems, accomplishments, and future goals. Writing them down will give you a clearer insight about your thoughts and those negative emotions won’t haunt you at night. Emphasize on positive notes more, because that’s the headspace you want to be in right through the night.

2. Take A Chill Pill

Stress is something you don’t want to take to bed as it can influence your dreams. If you’re troubled about something, sleeping it off is not the immediate answer. Try de-stressing for a few minutes before you fall into deep slumber. Do things that you not only enjoy doing, but also help relax both mind and body. Watch your favourite show on TV, take a nice hot shower, talk to your friend or simply listen to some soothing music. All of this will help calm you down.

3. Work It

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Exercise and yoga are two powerful factors that help keep nightmares at bay. However, timing here is very important. To get a peaceful sleep, try working out in the mornings. This is the time when your brain is most active. Regular physical activity also helps reduce stress, tones muscles, and keeps your mind active and calm. If you like working out in the evenings, do it three hours prior to your bedtime. It will save your body from unwanted cramps, fatigue and nightmares.

4. Eat Better, Dream Better

After dinner, don’t go to bed immediately. You could suffer from an indigestion and it will take a toll on your metabolism. Spicy, oily, greasy, and fatty food is something you should stay away from if you intend to hit the sack within a couple of hours. Opt for lighter food choices instead. Salads, fruits, milk and a bowl of yummy rice are foods that contain essential antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins that help repair damaged tissue and are much easier to digest which leads to a smoother and happier sleeping cycle.

5. Let’s Play Dark Room!

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To get a good night’s rest, you should have a great bedroom environment. A place that is quiet, clean and dim. The darker the room, the better. When you’re surrounded by darkness, your body produces melatonin (a hormone that promotes and regulates sleep cycles). You can disturb the process if you expose yourself even to the faintest ray of light. To ensure that never happens, turn off the lights, put your sleeping mask on and cuddle with your favourite pillow. You’re bound to catch the happiest dreams possible!

6. Pay Attention To Your Dream

Do you get the same dream every night? Perhaps, it’s not as random as it may seem. This nightmare might be trying to tell you something. A recurring dream is usually related to a current struggle you’re facing in life. Don’t be afraid of it, instead, try to analyze it. Get to the root cause of what is troubling you and try to come up with solutions for it.

7. Think Positive

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When you’ve tucked yourself into bed, shut off from all your problems. Switch off your phone, close your eyes and start thinking about the good things in life. Imagine yourself on a vacation or just relive a fond memory from the past. This is a powerful method of attracting pleasant dreams.

(Note: If none of the above pointers help you, don’t shy away from seeking medical help or advice.)

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