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Flirting Tricks That Never Fail! Team POPxo Reveals All…

Flirting Tricks That Never Fail! Team POPxo Reveals All…

If you have your eye on a certain lucky chap, we’re here to help you take your flirting game to the whole new level! Here are a few foolproof flirting tips from our the POPxo team to get you exactly what you want. Good luck, girlfriend!


1. Be Real

“Start as you mean to go on. If you’re a habitual joker, crack those jokes. If you’re an opinionated person, debate with him. The sooner you can be the real you while talking to him, the sooner you can figure out whether you’re genuinely enjoying the flirtation or not… If you’re not, best to move on to someone else!”

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2. Play With Your Eyes

“If you know he’s looking at you, look up and hold his gaze for a fraction longer than necessary and smile. Then look away. Don’t be too obvious, just enough to let him know you are interested too.”

3. Learn To Listen

“Listen carefully when he is talking about something that makes him smile. Something that he is passionate about; like a sport or his favorite musician maybe. This will definitely lead to a deeper, more meaningful conversation!”

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4. Touch, But Don’t Be Creepy

“Add some ‘touch’! Not in a creepy way obviously. It could be an accidental brush of the hands as you reach for something or stand next to him. Or it could be much more deliberate. If you’re walking somewhere, direct him a little with a touch of the elbow. Or if you’re pointing out to something, put your hand on his shoulder while you do so. Touch conveys intimacy and it’ll help him realise you’re flirting without it being obvious.”

5. Be Confident

“You have to act quick without being too obvious about it. If you’re sitting with a group of friends (including your crush!), don’t shy away from flirting! Be the first one to start the conversation (confidence is really sexy). Don’t direct your complete attention to him though, the key here is to give it to him in doses. Ask him about himself, get to know about his past a little. While the conversation is going on smoothly, playfully ask him if he’s dating someone or not without being too sneaky in your approach”

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6. Become His Friend First!

“The ability to hold a conversation and having an amazing sense of humour are a couple of things men find extremely attractive in a woman. Try to become his buddy first before hitting on him. Ask him witty questions, crack a few jokes, listen to his thoughts and occasionally touch him while casually talking to him. Most importantly, be YOURSELF when you’re around him!”

7. Challenge Him

“I rarely flirt, but when I do, I like to challenge the guy for fun. This could range from a game of badminton or a debate about a topic I’m interested in. Remember girls, if the guy also has a thing for you, he’d be game for trying new things with you (the plus side of that is you also get to know whether both of you are mutually interested in the same things or not)”

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8. Avoid Mind Games

“Don’t try to confuse him by playing mind games, guys get bored of that quickly. Be subtle but obvious so he knows you’re interested and will make a move in return.”

9. Eye Contact

“Just look him in the eye (yes it’s that simple!). He will flinch once, twice and by the third, he would have taken serious interest in you”

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10. Laugh At His Jokes

“I laugh at every joke (even the lame ones) and make sure there is some kind of contact between us (a tap on the shoulder or a light brush of my fingers against his neck). As long as it isn’t creepy, it works!”

11. Good Conversation Starters

“Start a topic that you know he’d be interested in (cars,sports etc) and then impress him with your knowledge of the subject.”

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05 May 2016

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