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10 Subtle Flirting Moves That *Always* Work!

10 Subtle Flirting Moves That *Always* Work!

Flirting is a subtle art which requires practice. Guys, for one, are great at picking up cues, so take your flirting a notch higher with these smooth moves, and in no time, you'll have him head-over-heels for you. Promise. Here are 10 subtle flirting moves no guy can resist.

1. Eye contact FTW

Make an eye contact and hold the gaze for a lil longer than usual. Meeting someone’s gaze is a sign of confidence and it works all the time in letting the other person know that you’re interested.

2. Smell awesome

Make it absolutely irresistible for him. That’s half your job done.

3. Go touchy feely

Compliment him on his biceps or keep your hand gently on his shoulders in a suggestive but not encroaching manner.

3 flirting moves - jane russel looking at biceps

4. Play with your hair

Twirl that one strand that will make him go weak in his knees.

5. Compliment him

Don’t go overboard with this one, but feel free to compliment him on the things that you like about him.

6. Lean in

At a crowded place, use the surrounding noise as an excuse to get closer and say something sweet or naughty. Make your presence felt.

6 flirting moves - a walk to remember

7. Surprise hug

If you are happy about something when he is around, give him a bear hug (don’t catch him off-guard though). Let it linger a bit longer.

8. Smile at him

A smile is at once welcoming and also a potent weapon in your flirting arsenal. When you make eye contact with someone, make sure to follow it up with a smile. Nothing beats a sexy, suggestive smile.  

9. Tease him

Once you have been introduced to him, drop him an ‘accidental’ text if required to start a conversation.

9 flirting moves - girl teasing guy

10. Watch out for his response

If he reciprocates your moves, that’s surely a head start for something more tangible!

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Published on Aug 24, 2017
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