Wine Dine And Sixty What? Here Is How My First Date In Ages Went Like

AnonymousAnonymous  |  Dec 8, 2017
Wine Dine And Sixty What? Here Is How My First Date In Ages Went Like


Slow and steady wins the race. Well, that’s what is said when people speak about getting over a past relationship. And I’m the kinds to take it slow because I believe that healing is a process and you want to heal before you put your feet elsewhere. Needless to say that I took a long time after my last relationship to ‘mingle’. Of course, I had flings in between but nothing really substantial. They were more like ‘let’s get down to business’ which is why I had forgotten what a real date felt like. 

So, I started talking to this guy under the weirdest circumstances. I say that because, previously, we had met a couple of times with our respective partners, who happened to be friends. We also have almost a million mutual friends so we did know of each other. We started talking on Instagram and ended up exchanging numbers eventually that led to more conversations than I usually have with most people. He’d broken up recently, and since our exes were good friends, we had a topic to connect on – mutual hatred for everything about them!

We decided to meet over a couple of drinks at his favourite place which, by the way, happens to make the most potent drinks, ever! After a couple of drinks and some old school music, we decided to call it a night. For me, it still wasn’t a date, we were just casually catching up. We found each other interesting so we kept the conversation going and bonded over a few more topics. 

first date night inside

While having a general conversation about alcohol, we decided to catch up again a few days later. He lives in a beautiful house on the 20th floor that comes with an insane view, which I had heard a lot about from our mutual friends. I reached his place and, honestly, they weren’t lying. The view was drool-worthy and, luckily, the weather was just about perfect. Oh, and did I mention that he shares my love for Spanish music? 

We decided to work for a little while at his place, but who were we kidding? We ended up in a comedy show marathon and had some insane conversations. As it turned out, he knew a little more about me than he ideally should have. Funnily enough, I did too. A few drinks and a lot of laughter later, we found ourselves dancing to Spanish songs. The view, the drinks, and the chilly weather probably got to us and we found ourselves getting closer. Even though I am an awkward person, but, the conversations made me feel like we had a great connection.

During the dance, we both leaned in close and, before we knew it, we kissed. Those Spanish slow songs worked like an aphrodisiac and I had never felt better. We decided to take things to the bedroom where it just got hotter. The whole 7 and a half hours of dancing, talking, laughing and drinking made me feel like I’m not a lost cause after all. God knows if it was him or the mood or the view but something made me feel like we all need a little date like this every once in a while. Going with the flow can sometimes be the best thing ever! As for us, we’re very honest with each other about what happened and what we feel. And it’s safe to say, we’re in a comfortable spot. It’s rare for me to be real around people and not feel awkward. And this is just one of those times where I’ve felt emotionally (and physically) comfortable after a really long time.

PS – If you’re reading this, know that the recent Date 2.0 has me all excited for the probable Date 3.0! *wink*

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