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8 Acne Myths That Stand Between You And Clear Skin!

8 Acne Myths That Stand Between You And Clear Skin!

Are your pimple breakouts caused by genetics, lifestyle or diet? Are those spots considered adult acne? There is so much speculation about breakouts that seriously confuses the hell out of all of us. And trust us, Googling it only makes you think the worst! So we will help you get the facts straight and debunk common acne myths to help you zap your zits right.

Myth 1: Acne Only Affects Teenagers

Acne myths

Fact: Oh, we wish! Any twenty-something girl will tell you that spots and zits don’t miraculously disappear after those troubled teens! In fact for some, they can get worse thanks to on-going hormonal fluctuations. Persistent acne happens when it continues from your teens into your adult years and late-onset acne is if you suddenly start having breakouts post-25.

Myth 2: Lifestyle and Genetics Do Not Play A Role In Acne

Fact: It is still not completely clear how, but genes are definitely linked to your pimple problems. Additionally, lifestyle factors like stress can seriously trigger and aggravate it. For some, consuming dairy also directly links to a breakout. And we all know that exercising really does help contribute to glowing skin!

Myth 3: Acne Is Caused By A Dirty Face

Acne Myths

Fact: Hormones, along with stress and genetics, play a huge role in causing acne. So over-cleansing your face isn’t really going to resolve it. But cleansing is of course necessary to get rid of bacteria and pore-clogging. However, it is excess oil-production and bacteria trapped in a hair follicle which leads to an angry zit.

Myth 4: Pizzas and Chocolates Lead To Breakouts

Fact: Sure, junk food really is unhealthy, but gorging on fries may not be the reason why you woke up to an embarrassing pimple. Sugar and salt can increase oil production and worsen your skin sometimes, but they cannot cause a pimple. It is bacteria which causes them. So go ahead and treat yourself to some comfort food occasionally, without worrying about your skin.

Myth 5: Blackheads Are Caused By Dirt Stuck In Your Pores

Acne Myths

Fact: Blackheads are caused by sebum and dead skin cells trapped in follicles that clog pores. When they are exposed to air, the top of the blackhead changes to black or dark brown. Which is why they can be mistaken for dirt. When the pore is closed and oxygen can’t reach it, you get a whitehead instead. Basically, they have nothing to do with dirt, but exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and excess oil.

Myth 6: You Should Not Moisturize Acne Prone Skin

Fact: A lot of people with problematic skin are apprehensive of using moisturizers because they fear that it will cause a breakout. However, moisturizing is an essential step for the overall health of your skin, even if you’re prone to zits. Just make sure to use a moisturiser that is appropriate for your skin type. A mild, oil-free moisturizer won’t do any harm we promise.

acne myths

Myth 7: It Will Go Away On Its Own

Acne Myths

Fact: If you think it’s best to leave your acne alone and let it run its course, you’re risking the chance of scars and marks. Proper care and over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide creams are the best way to treat spots. But if it’s a chronic problem that doesn’t seem to get better, visiting a dermatologist is a must!

Myth 8: You Can Pop Pimples The Right Way

Fact: There is no safe way for popping pimples. In fact, trying to pop your zits is a really bad idea since it causes trauma to your skin, and can lead to scarring.  It also spreads the infection and bacteria to the surrounding skin. It may be tempting to squeeze an annoying pimple but it can really harm your skin in the long-term.

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05 May 2016

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