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Pandemic Got You Feeling Low? Try These 7 Mood Boosters That Work Like A Charm

Pandemic Got You Feeling Low? Try These 7 Mood Boosters That Work Like A Charm

One look at the news today and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. TBH, the world does seem like a crazy place to live in RN. So, it’s completely alright if you haven’t been feeling up to the mark lately. Meeting your friend for a coffee or going for a spa would have been the ideal mood-booster. But, since that’s no longer an option, we decided to look for cheap and easy alternatives that could put us in a good mood ASAP! Here’s what we found:

Mood-Booster In a Bowl


I recently tried my hand at making a smoothie bowl and I can guarantee you that there’s no going back from this. There’s something so therapeutic about making a colourful and healthy bowl from scratch. Plus, garnishing it with nuts, seeds and fruits can be too much fun.  Also, that’s not all, eating colourful foods is also known to be mood-lifter. So this is definitely win-win! 

Chew Gum


Every single time am swamped with work, I pop my favourite flavoured gum in my mouth. It’s my go-to cheap thrill. No, it doesn’t magically take my pressure away but it certainly takes the edge off. The repetitive action of gnawing on gum is known to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress. So it will probably do you good to keep a pack handy. 

Buy Some Flowers


Feeling unhappy and depressed? Time to stop and smell the roses. Confused? Well, flowers are known to be a proven natural remedy to release endorphins and reduce mental strain. The fragrance of flowers is known to boost up one’s mood immediately. You could go flower shopping and get your hands on flowers such as lavender, roses or African violets, as they all help immensely.

Talk A Walk Down Memory Lane


All of us have tons of photo albums from back when we were little. If you’re feeling gloomy, it would be wise to just browse through baby pictures of yourself dressed in funny outfits. Trust us, that’ll put enough to put a huge grin on your face.

DIY Manicure To The Rescue


Trust Elle Woods from Legally Blonde to give us the best tip of all time. According to her, the answer to feeling upset is a great manicure. And we definitely agree! Now, we know that you cannot go to a salon RN but there’s no reason why you cannot do it yourselves at home! Buy a DIY manicure kit or just play around with your nail paints and toothpicks for some nail art. Trust us, you’ll be feeling a lot better after!

Watch A Funny Video


Okay, we’re all guilty of sneaking in an adorbs cat video or two during work. This may seem like a silly activity to indulge in but it’s got stress-relieving benefits too! Put on a cute cat or dog video when you’re feeling discouraged and it’s bound to put you in a happier space mentally. 

Put On A Red Lipstick


Now you’ll ask what’s the point of putting on lipstick when you’re downhearted and cannot step out? In that case, let me tell you a secret. Your lipstick can totally lift your mood and a red one does wonders to uplifting your confidence. Just put on a shade of scarlet or ruby red and click some selfies and you’ll be thanking us later! 

Play Hopscotch Or Just Skip


We’re not kidding, really. Moving around and doing an activity or two will sort of take your mind off things. FYI, jumping ropes is known to have emotional benefits along with physical ones. It does impact your mental health in a good way. Guess it’s time to invest in a rope if you haven’t already! 

Also, it would do you good to remember that whatever you’re feeling shall eventually pass. Focus on the good and hope for the best. Until then, you could go ahead and try our simple and easy ways that’ll leave you feeling good in no time at all.

Featured Image: Unsplash

31 May 2021

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