10 *Beautiful* Ways To Add Flowers To Your Shaadi Hairstyles!

10 *Beautiful* Ways To Add Flowers To Your Shaadi Hairstyles!

For your mehendi, sangeet or the wedding day, there would be at least one function where you’d like to do up your hair with beautiful flowers. After all, even the best of hair accessories can’t do what flowers do for your hairstyle. They make your hairdo look super pretty without having to spend big bucks. And with all the variety available, you can always find one to match your outfit and the overall look. So ladies, we’ve got you the most gorgeous real bride inspirations for your bridal hairstyles. These truly are, the prettiest ever!

1. Flower up your braid

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Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

A sundowner mehendi with a pastel outfit and minimal accessories? Well, all you need is a nice messy braid with tiny roses and maybe baby’s breath to go with it. The bride kept it simple with just a few flowers that were pretty much enough to make her stand out.

2. Red and beautiful

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Image: WeddingNama on Instagram

On the wedding day, go royal, go grand and dress up your hair with a gorgeous band of red flowers to match your lehenga. We love how royal and attractive the bride’s jooda looks with the red flowers. A maathapatti, your bridal dupatta and you’re all set.

3. Royal in roses

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Image: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

A bride’s favourite, roses always look spectacular. And we love how this bride went in for three roses on the side of her jooda and each in a different size. The flowers surely add that extra glam to her wedding look. We love it, how about you?

4. Keeping it subtle

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Image: Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram

Keep you hairstyle nice and stylish for your reception or cocktail ceremony. When wearing a gown or an Indo-western outfit, it’s best to keep it subtle. We love how the bride glammed up her jooda with just a few tiny white flowers.

5. For the vintage bride

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Image: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram

Could there be a picture as elegant as this one? For her day wedding, the bride styled her blue outfit with a striking pink rose and it was just what was needed to add a pop of colour to her look.

6. A floral tiara

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Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

A wreath of jasmine and roses, this bride really did make us go wow with her mehendi style. Floral jewellery is a beautiful option for the mehendi ceremony and a pretty li’l floral tiara is all you need to look like a princess on your special day.

7. Jazz up that braid

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Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

Baby's breath always looks extremely charming. And since the bride wore a multicoloured outfit, she chose to go with fabulous white flowers in her hair. Looks stunning, doesn’t she?!

8. Princessy vibes

8 bridal hairstyles

Image: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram

Clearly, baby’s breath is a favourite! We’ve usually seen joodas decked up with gajra or roses, but if that’s not your style, here’s some inspiration. Do up just one side of the jooda with white flowers and you have one amazing look to flaunt.

9. Lily love!

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Image: WeddingNama on Instagram

Aww...such an adorable mom and daughter picture. But another thing that deserves a mention are those white lilies that sit pretty on the bride’s jooda. To match her royal blue lehenga, the bride opted for white instead of reds or pinks and we have to say that they look spectacular!

10. A floral wonderland

10 bridal hairstyles

Image: Confetti Films on Instagram

A summertime beach wedding? Go all out and pretty up your hair with a wreath of roses, greens, lilies or any other flower to match your outfit! We’re loving the bride’s chilled out vibes, what about you?!