Excu-cise! 10 Things We Say To NOT Exercise That Don’t Work!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


Oh, the woes of working out! Not all of us exercise, but we all sure do make plans of doing it…someday! That day just doesn’t seem to come around though, does it? While we can think of a million reasons why working out is super-beneficial for our health, we can also think of a million AND one excuses not to do it! Here are just some of the elaborate – but brilliant – excuses we’ve all come up with at the thought of sweating it out!

1. “Obviously I can’t start in the middle of the week. How about I wait till Monday?”

Do not say this to yourself. You know come Monday, it will probably turn into a new year resolution. Come on, you can do it. NOW!

2. “Technically, shopping counts as cardio too. So no gym today then!”

You can’t really be skipping your workout on this pretext. Make good use of your time at the mall and get yourself a new pair of training shoes! No more excuses from tomorrow.

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3. “I have THREE meetings at work today. I can’t go to the gym first thing in the morning and tire myself out before the day has even begun!”

You don’t need to engage in an intense workout. But going for a run or a brisk walk in the morning will only charge you up and keep you feeling fresh for the rest of the day! Or you could even put in a quick 30 minute workout indoors wherever you are!

4. “I’m actually looking really thin today. I don’t need to work out.”

Remember this, you’re not just working out to look thin! You look lovely as it is. Working out and training for a fitter body will boost your immunity and metabolism! FIT – not skinny – is fab, girl!

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5. “Well, I can’t really work out if I don’t have proper gym gear. So perhaps I should go shopping first!”

Now now, thats not a valid excuse is it? You could have got all your gym gear while you were pretending shopping is a legit form of cardio! 😛

6. “Now that I have new gym shoes, I don’t want to risk wearing them outside and getting them dirty. It’s monsoon, after all!”

Now that’s not fair, is it?! Your gym gear isn’t going to look all pretty sitting around in your wardrobe. Start off today with the NTC app at home, and gift yourself something nice as a reward for completing your first workout! Haven’t downloaded it yet? We think it’s time you did!

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7. “I think I’ll skip my run today. I’ll just eat salad for lunch instead!”

While eating right and healthy is extremely important too, it doesn’t compensate for your workout or training sessions. Your body and muscles need to be worked out for a healthy and fit lifestyle! Come on girl, you’ve got this!

8. “Uff, there is no way I would ever reach the gym today. The roads are completely flooded!”

Don’t know how to work out or what to do without your trainer? This is why we suggest the NTC app! It allows you to pick the right workout for yourself and also gives you specific exercises based on your needs! Doesn’t that just make life so much simpler!?

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9. “I just washed my hair yesterday. Wouldn’t all the sweat from working out mean I’ll have to wash it again? That’s just so bad for my hair.”

But it’s so good for your body, mind and overall well-being! And your hair will be just fine. We promise.

10. “Wouldn’t it be slightly better if fitness was my New Year resolution? New year, new leaf? Besides, it’s almost August. So it’s not THAT far.”

Absolutely not! You don’t want to go down this path. There’s no time like the present! How about you get to your fittest self in time for that rollicking New Year’s eve party instead?!

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