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9 Engagement Shots You *Must* Get From Your Photographer!

9 Engagement Shots You *Must* Get From Your Photographer!

I had a beautiful engagement ceremony on my birthday. It had everything – a gorgeous cake, stunning rings, our first dance, but amongst all the excited friends and relatives, my photographer (despite his best efforts) couldn’t get the perfect shot. And I hold that regret till date. So don’t be like me and share this post with your photographer right away! These are the 9 engagement shots you must get from your photographer.

1. The rings

engagement shots1

Pre-engagement or after the ceremony, a creative shot of both the rings is a must. The commitment bands that you exchange hold a lot of value and you mustn’t ignore them!

Image: WeddingNama on Instagram

2. The proposal

engagement shots 2

There is no other way but going down on one knee to slip that ring on your finger. And that moment needs to be captured one way or the other. Even if it requires a re-take!

Image: Thecheesecakeproject on Instagram

3. Showing off that rock!

engagement shots3 (2)

You went crazy finding the perfect ring, the entire ceremony is dedicated to the rock and it’s the only thing people will look at for the next couple of days. A beautiful shot with the ring in focus is what you need to get!

Image: Thecheesecakeproject on Instagram

4. The first dance

engagement shots4

If you’re not planning to have one, then you need to re-think. If a dance is not your thing, you can still get a super romantic picture just like this one. It’s sure to fetch you the maximum likes 😉

Image: Dipakstudios on Instagram

5. Cake cutting!

engagement shots5

Make sure your photographer knows that you want a pic of the two of you cutting the cake. The feeding each other pictures often turn out to be ones with funny faces or weird expressions. Cutting the cake is the perfect moment to be captured and to put into your scrapbook.

Image: Sephi Bergerson


6. Both the rings

engagement shots6

There should be a picture with both of you wearing and showing off your rings, right? A hand on hand close up is a great idea, though you can try variations of your own also.

Image: Theweddingcrasher on Instagram

7. A private moment

engagement shots7 (2)

Steal a moment away from the crowd for a quiet romantic photo. Mark the beginning of this beautiful journey of your life, you’ll cherish this one forever.

Image: Theweddingsalad on Instagram

8. I just got engaged!

engagement shots8

Break the news on your social networks with this ‘I just got engaged’ pic. It’s cute, it’s fun and it’s a must!

Image: Dipak Studios

9. A family portrait

engagement shots9

Celebrate the coming together of the two families with a portrait! This one is totally frame-worthy.

Image: Shadesphotography on Instagram

Featured Image: Kuntal Mukherjee Photography

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05 May 2016

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