10 Emotions Every Woman Has During a Bikini Wax

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 6, 2016


It doesn’t matter if you’re a Brazilian wax regular, or if you’re a novice at getting your nether regions yanked and pulled at – we all experience emotions ranging from shades of panic to total euphoria during the whole event. We give you all the thoughts and emotions every woman has during a bikini wax. Trust us, you are not alone!

1. Anxiety (One Day Before the Appointment)

Bikini was gif1

I hope it doesn’t hurt as bad as last time. Maybe I should postpone it by a week or two? Actually, no, it would hurt even more by then with more growth. God, why do women put themselves through this?! What’s so wrong in going au naturel?!

2. Nervous Excitement (The Morning Of)

bikini wax gif2
I’ve totally got this. It’s just a short amount of pain followed by a few weeks of feeling absolutely divine. Plus, my hubby / boyfriend won’t be able to keep his hands off me.

3. Shaky Determination (When You Reach the Parlour)

Bikini was gif3

Okay, no turning back. I hope she’s nice. What if she laughs at me? Maybe I shouldn’t have let it grow out so much. Never mind now, let’s just get it over with.

4. Awkwardness (Underpants Off)

Bikini Wax Gif4

She’s looking straight there like this is perfectly normal. Poor lady has to service so many woman lying spreadeagled in front of her. And I thought my job was bad!

5. O.M.G. (The First Rip)

Bikini Wax Gif5

WTF! I thought she’ll start gentle! Deep breath. Deep breath. It’s okay, my body was made for childbirth, this is nothing. It’s all right, I’m prepared for the rest now. I hope I don’t cry.

6. Concentrate On Breathing (More Ripping)

Bikini wax gif6

OUCH! She’s chattering and asking about my life like we’re bonding over coffee. How am I supposed to hold up a conversation right now?! OUCH! Okay, inhale…exhale…inhale… I should try yoga, I’d be good at it.

7. Impatience (Legs All Over the Place)

bikini wax gif7

I hope I don’t accidentally knock her in the face, I can’t control my leg jerks right now! Aren’t we almost done yet? This is SO painful, getting your legs waxed doesn’t even compare. I feel so raw right now.

8. Relief (Applying Cream)

Bikini Wax gif8

It’s over! I’m so relieved I could dance. It doesn’t even matter that she’s touched me like no man ever has, I feel so indebted to her. Oh wow, this cream actually feels quite nice.

9. Glee! (Putting Your Clothes On)

Bikini Wax gif9

Phew! I’m going to giver her a BIG tip. Just wait till Insert husband/boyfriend’s name sees this!

10. Euphoria (Paying at the Front Desk)

Bikini Wax gif10

I’m smiling like an idiot, but I don’t care – I feel so clean down there! I’ve done it. Next appointment? No way, I’m not going to think about that for another 5 weeks. I feel so sexy right now, can’t help but strut about. That was totally worth it!

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