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5 Holiday Hairstyles That Will Give You Main Character Vibes This Party Season

5 Holiday Hairstyles That Will Give You Main Character Vibes This Party Season

Let’s face it, the lull after two consecutive celebrations has indeed been overwhelming. The mundane days drag on, the to-do list never seems to end, and we frequently find ourselves thinking about the frenetic celebrations and wishing for more. If you find yourself firmly nodding in agreement as you read this, let this serve as a gentle reminder that Christmas is just around the corner.

Yes, we have already begun counting down to the huge events that will mark the start of the holiday season (closely followed by the New Year) and give us yet another reason to let loose. And in order to help you celebrate in style, we’ve compiled a list of quick and sophisticated hairstyles that we think are ideal for the holiday season. These simple hairdos will enable you to look effortlessly trendy while avoiding a trip to your nearest salon (and avoiding the festive salon rush). Check it out!


Holiday Hairstyle Inspiration That’ll Help Ring In The Festive Spirit

Half Up & Half Down

Although this isn’t quite half-up—more like one-third up—we’re still depending on it because it looks perfect on anyone with fine hair. In addition to seeming like it might cut the glass, her sleek-straight hair is divided into a single sleek ponytail-looking part over her temples in her half-up, half-down hairstyle. The hair is perfectly styled and carefully brushed back to project a fashionable aura.

Wispy Topknot

A disheveled top knot is the way to go if you want a creative hairstyle for your holiday celebrations. To create the ideal topknot, gather your hair with an elastic at the crown of your head, wrap the elastic twice, and then draw the remaining hair halfway through to create a bun. Use hair pins to hold the style in place.


Slicked Bun

The hairdo worn by Kaia Gerber is inspired by the 1940s beauty looks and is quick to style. Simply use a wide-tooth comb to smooth back your hair. Apply a hair gel to give it a “wet-hair” appearance, then finish the look with your preferred hairspray.

Sleek Braids

Okay, so you definitely don’t have time to invest in Rihanna’s Fulani braids, but if you need to leave the house in the next 10 minutes, you can still pull off an inspired look. Just keep your hair pulled back from your face and smooth on top.


Classic Loose Braids

Nothing beats a traditional braid! It is the most practical, cosy hairstyle, and it doesn’t require all of your energy to maintain. Just the carefree, youthful style that makes you appear so confident. We suggest embellishing the braid with lovely hair accessories if you are feeling a little indulgent.

Which are you picking for your hairspiration?


Featured Image: Instagram

07 Dec 2022
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