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A Comprehensive Guide To Dumbbell Exercises for Women to Try At Home!

Well, you read that right. Gyms may still not be the safe go-to option for a workout but that doesn’t mean your regime should have to suffer. When it comes to at-home routines, dumbbell exercises for women stand out as a doable and effective version to improve your lifestyle. Sorry ladies, no more excuses for putting it on the backburner!

Dumbbell exercises for home



Dumbbell Exercises To Try

Whether it’s building muscle strength or strengthening your chest and back, a couple of sets of these will help you out in terms of what you are looking for from an at-home workout. We rounded up the best dumbbell exercises for you yo try out and now all that remains is to delve further.


Dumbbell Exercises For The Back

In sync with that thought, we picked out some of the most tried-and-tested dumbbell exercises for the back. Not only do these help you make it stronger, but developing a regime out of these is also bound to come in handy in terms of reducing stress from the area. Scroll to take a look. 

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Renegade Row

—Get in position by imitating one for a high-plank exercise. Your hips and shoulders should be aligned. 
—Keep your feet wide enough to be stable on the ground. 
—With your dumbbells, raise one arm up, keeping the other on the ground to remain stable.
—Alternate with both arms.

Bent Over Row 

—Stand straight with your legs apart so that they are aligned with your shoulders, dumbbells in hands.
—Bend your knees slightly and lunge forwards so that your chest is parallel to the ground. 
—Once in position, pull your arms up towards your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades in the process. Relax and repeat.


Alternating Bent Over Row 

—Repeat the same steps as above till you are in position. 
—As opposed to using both your hands together, pull them up one after the another, alternating between the two. Continue reading for another dumbbell exercise for the back.

Best Dumbbell Chest Workout



Dumbbell Exercises For Chest

The same goes for the chest! The dumbbell exercises for the chest are aimed to work on the muscles in the area. It also reduces tightness and makes you feel more flexible. Start slow and steady with a couple of sets as you go on to build a regime that helps you in a full-body workout.


Chest Press 

—Lie down with your back on the ground. Keep your feet on the floor so that your knees are bent.
—Hold the dumbbells in both hands, your elbow touching the floor so that your forearm is up; think of your arm in a 90-degree position.  
—Now raise your fist towards the ceiling and in the air, starting with the left and alternating with the right or vice versa. Breathe out when raising your hands and breathe in when relaxing them back to the position.

Bench Press 

—Lie down on a bench, holding your dumbbells in both hands. 
—Your closed fists should face one another. Now in the same position, raise both your arms together and bring them back towards your chest. 
—Exhale when raising your hands up and inhale when drawing the dumbbells towards your chest. Relax and repeat. 


Incline Bench Press 

—The process for this dumbbell exercise is the same as the aforementioned; the only change is that you have to lie down on an inclined bench as opposed to a horizontal one. 

Dumbbell Shoulders Workout



Dumbbell Exercises For Shoulders

Not only do dumbbell exercises for shoulders help you create movement, but they also help you pay attention to the part that is most often ignored. If most of your day is spent sitting in front of a computer where the correct posture goes out of the window, these exercises are worth trying.


Shoulder Press 

—Stand with your feet kept shoulder-width apart and hold the dumbbells in your hands, your arms parallel to the ground. 
—Now bend your elbows so that your forearms come towards you, your arms positioned in 90 degrees.  
—Raise over your head, upwards in the direction of the ceiling and back again. 

Bicep Curl 

—Stand in the correct posture as discussed in the aforementioned exercise. 
—Hold the dumbbells in your hands and let your arms rest by your side, the fist facing inwards. 
—Now raise one arm towards your shoulder slowly, twisting it along so that the dumbbell is in the proximity of your shoulder. 
—Repeat with the other arm, inhaling when you lower your arm and exhaling when you raise it. Continue reading for some of the best dumbbell exercises to incorporate in your regime. 


Lateral Raise 

—Stand with your feet apart, hold the dumbbells and ensure that your fists face your sides. 
—Raise your arms till they are parallel to the ground and lower. 
—Relax and repeat.

Dumbbell  workout for women



Dumbbell Exercises For Legs

From building your calf muscles to working on the thighs, dumbbell exercises for legs provide a complete range of workout that focuses on the entirety of your legs. A few days into the regime, you will begin to feel a tightness developing, making your legs taut and the muscles more defined. Here’s looking into what the exercises are. 


Front Squat 

—Keep your feet slightly apart and hold the dumbbells so that they touch your shoulders, your elbows sticking out towards the front. 
—Now bend down as you would when sitting on a chair, coming back up in the original position. 

Side Lunge 

—Hold the dumbbells on your side, feet slightly apart. 
—Take a side step, bending your knee on one leg so that the other leg stretches and you are in a crouching position. 
—As you move, your hands will change positions to come forward, remaining straight all the while. 
—Move back up and repeat with the other side.


Step Up 

—Stand in front of a low bench, dumbbells on your sides. 
—Put one foot on top of it, imitating the action of climbing a stair and position yourself on the bench, following the entire process slowly. 
—Step down and repeat. Once done with the set, change and do the same with the other foot. 

Read through all the dumbbell exercises for women but have a couple of doubts? It’s only natural! Just ahead, we’ve listed out some questions that are often asked with respect to the exercises and which might help you better your routine. Scroll for more. 


dumbbell workout for legs




Without further ado, take a look at the most frequently asked questions that come up in the context of dumbbell exercises for women.

How many times a week should one workout using dumbbells?

For a full body workout, you can focus on dumbbell workout from 3-4 times a week.

Are dumbbell exercises alone enough to build muscle?

A lot of factors come into play when you are including a workout routine to your lifestyle. While at-home dumbbell exercises for women are definitely a good start, you also need to focus on your posture while at it, along with the diet.

What are the benefits of using dumbbells?

The best dumbbell exercises help you build muscle and work on your stamina. They also provide movement ensuring that your body isn’t stiff.

Can you get a good workout with just dumbbells?

It depends on what you are aiming for but if strengthening your body, developing stamina and building muscle is what is required, a full body workout with dumbbells can work in your favour.

What dumbbell exercises can I do at home for beginners?

For starting out, take a look at our guide and begin with easy sets. Overdoing the exercises from day 1 could stress you out, not to mention that it isn’t advisable. Begin slow, steady and keep on increasing your dumbbell exercise sets once you have developed a routine.

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Ready to begin with these dumbbell exercises for women that make for a healthier routine? Go on!

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