The Sanskaari, The Snitch & The Black Sheep: 7 Types Of Cousins Every Family Has

Janvi ManchandaJanvi Manchanda  |  Apr 6, 2021
The Sanskaari, The Snitch & The Black Sheep: 7 Types Of Cousins Every Family Has


While many of us live in nuclear families, our extended families are huge and that means a lot of cousins! TBH, cousins are the best part about family dinners and vacations. After all, they are the first friends we ever make! And if you have more cousins than you can count, you know that they’re all unique and lovable in their own ways. Most of us have a good mix of awesome cousins and some annoying ones. While some have your back as you sneak alcohol into the house, others are nosey tattletales. But let’s face it–our family would be incomplete without our cousins!

Here are a few types of cousins that we bet every Indian family has!

1. The NRI

They live abroad and they’ll come down once a year or so for a vacay, and as much as you love them, they can be truly annoying sometimes. Even after years, they continue to compare everything to their lifestyle abroad and they don’t just stop there. They will repeat the same thing again and again and again. Yes, Amit bhaiya we know that there’s a lot of dhul mitti here, get over it already! 

2. The Snitch

They’re not goody-two-shoes themselves but they’ll always eavesdrop on your conversations and let the rest of the family know what’s going on in your life. This tattletale will also make sure to tell everyone about your secret plans with your other cousins. This is one cousin you need to be extra careful around!

3. The Sanskaari Scholar

They score well in their exams, they’re probably preparing for UPSC and they’re the ones you’re always compared to. Your parents keep telling you to ‘learn something’ from them. This cousin is as sanskaari as anyone can ever get that just makes you wish you could find some dirt on them. 

4. The Black Sheep

Every family has that one bad boy/girl who is used as a cautionary tale. And that’s probably why they like to keep to themselves. You’ve always been told to not end up like them, but just don’t care because they’re the most chilled out person you’ve ever known!

5. The Bacha Party

Every desi family gathering has that bunch of cute but annoying kids. They’re always running around laughing, crying and playing. Some of them look up to you but that doesn’t make them any less annoying.

6. The Lazy One

You definitely have that one cousin who is so lazy that they’re always asking you to get ‘ek glass pani’ for them. They’re usually elder to you and they always use their position of power to get you to do things! As if elder siblings weren’t bad enough.

7. The Goofball aka Party Ki Jaan

This one cousin is loved by all, including the bacha party. They’re always cracking jokes and making everyone laugh and that’s also why they’re the center of attention at every family gathering. No chance you can have a party without this one cousin! 

At the end of the day, you love all your cousins no matter how weird or annoying they are. But the real question is–which one of these cousins is YOU? 😉

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