30 Things Every Girl With A HUGE Family Will Get!

30 Things Every Girl With A HUGE Family Will Get!
Having a big family has many, many different sides to it. One minute you’re all shouting and trying to beat each other at the game of volumes, and the next you’re all cuddled-up watching the same movie in literally the same bed! While we often get irritated for the many things that go on in our huge families, more often than not, it’s the perks that really shine through! Here are 30 things you will absolutely relate to if you’re a part of a huge family!

1. Loud noises don’t shock or scare you. Family gatherings have taught you well and you are very very well accustomed to handling high decibels.

big family 1

2. Hey, no wonder all the noise during Diwali season doesn't affect you at all, when all your other friends are actually sitting with their ears covered!

3. You are just naturally louder than your friends!

big family 3

4. What can we say, at least you always get to have the last word. :P

5. Everyone talks at the same time! In fact, you are super used to finishing your stories over the course of multiple dinners!

big family 5

6. To be fair, finishing last night’s story over dinner the next day does kind of have its novelty! You have extra time to make it just slightly more exciting. ;)

7. It’s a little hard to keep track of everyone’s birthdays and ages. You’re very often shocked that your youngest cousin is still only 7! Like, wasn’t that last year!?

big family 7

8. On the other hand, family birthdays and gatherings are so much fun that remembering everyone's age just doesn’t seem important enough. What does age matter when you have such a blast together!

9. Festivals in your house somewhat resemble a toned-down version of the kumbh mela. Irrespective of how many can actually fit in the given area, everyone is welcomed with open arms!

big family 9

10. The more the merrier!

11. Family pictures! Ah, the struggle of fitting everyone in. And how does one even begin taking a selfie!

big family 11

12. Wait, this is probably why they invented that selfie stick. Hurray!

13. No matter how old you are, there are always new aunts and uncles who enter your life from time to time.

big family 13

14. Not complaining. They are kind of fun and bring you presents. :P

15. You are super used to being called and calling people by five different names before addressing them with their correct name!

big family 15

16. At least you remember everyone’s names right. Phew!

17. There is no such things as “alone time”. There will always be siblings, cousins, aunts or some other family member walking in and out of your room.

big family 17

18. On the other hand, you have absolutely no problem adjusting in a hostel or PG now!

19. When you tell your partner you want to introduce him/her to your family, you don’t just mean your parents. Obviously, your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and their friends are going to be there! Obviously!

big family 19

20. You have to admit, though, that it makes the process a lot simpler. There may be more questions, but there are also more approving nods!

21. It is ALWAYS a race to the bathroom.

big family 21

22. Well, at least you’re always punctual now, as a result of always having to get ready so fast!

23. You are running out of hiding spots for your favourite food items. Damn, how does your grand dad always get to those ladoos first?!

big family 23

24. But this also means that many more people remember what your favourite food is and get it especially for you from time to time!

25. Sometimes, you wonder if eloping and getting married would be a good option. Imagine the madness with THAT many people at a wedding!

big family 25

26. But then, what would your wedding be without all that madness. No fun at all!

27. Sitting in cars together has always meant fighting for the front seat, and for more leg space!

big family 27

28. All the fun you had sitting in the same car kind of makes up. :)

29. Any major life event or change means informing 50 people! And if you don’t, just brace yourself for sulking faces.

big family 29

30. But this also means that you have that many more people always standing behind you and supporting you, no matter what!

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