Agar Tujh Mein Hai Dum: 10 Super Haunted Places To Visit In Pune

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 10, 2019
Agar Tujh Mein Hai Dum: 10 Super Haunted Places To Visit In Pune


Crave for more adventure after visiting all the haunted places in Mumbai? Welcome to the spooky places in Pune edition. These places look safe and peaceful during the day, but at night, things start to take a creepy turn. Maybe it’s your mind playing tricks on you? Maybe ghosts actually do exists? I mean, who the hell knows? To understand for yourself, you have to physically experience it and be there. So once again, do you have it in you to make a trip to any of these haunted places in Pune at night? Leggo!

Top 10 Haunted Places In Pune You Must Not Visit After It Gets Dark

Read about the world of unexplained identities and supernatural stories which have been noticed in these haunted places in Pune.

1. Chandan Nagar

In broad daylight, this place seems fine, but at night, the locals dare to come out after 12 am. It feels like a ghost town! Many people claim to see a small girl wearing a white frock and holding a doll in her hand. If eye contact is made, she comes running and screaming at you. Apparently, the little girl fell off a construction site and instantly died. Till today, her spirit is not at peace and she roams the area at midnight.  

2. Holkar Bridge 

haunted places in pune


I dare you to drive on this bridge at night. In the past couple of years, there have been several mysterious deaths. Built by Madharao Peshwa in the 18th century, the bridge was named after Military Leader, Yashwantrao Holkar.  Locals believe that paranormal activities such as screaming, crying and strange loud noises occur at night. If you are unlucky enough, you may even spot a ghost while driving by. Please don’t look back if you ever do. Just keep driving on!

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3. Sinhagad Fort

Two very strange paranormal activities happen at Sinhagad Fort. At night, villagers who live around the Fort say that they can hear war cries coming from the Fort. It’s from the soldiers who died in the Fort trying to protect it. The other creepy story is about a bus that crashed down the hill and landed near the Fort. It was carrying children and all of them died on the spot in the accident. Paranormal activities not just happen inside the Fort but also at the site where the bus crashed. This is one of the most horror places in Pune.

4.The Victory Theatre

spooky places in pune


It’s odd to find a ghost at a theatre, right? Not in this one actually. 5 decades have gone by and lots of creepy stuff has taken place when the theatre is empty. The guards claim to hear giggles and something banging on the seats inside the halls. Would you like to visit the place after hours?

5. Choice Hostel

Given a choice, I would never stay at Choice Hostel. I mean not because it’s only meant for boys, but the fact that it’s haunted. There’s a young lady dressed in a red saree who walks near the corridors at night. The sound of her cry and payals in the middle of the night can send shivers down anyone’s spine. 

6.The Mansion, Residency Road

 most horror places in pune


Near the Residency Club, there’s an old abandoned mansion. There’s an evil lady spirit who haunts that house and you will often hear screaming, utensils clashing and laughing at 2:45-3 am. If you do encounter her at the Mansion, don’t approach her. She will not let you get off the hook easily if you do.

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7. Sinhgad College of Engineering

A long time ago, a student committed suicide on this campus. Ever since then, students have started to feel scared about roaming here after midnight. Some say that his ghost still roams around this place. However, his spirit means no harm. 

8. Symbiosis Road, Viman Nagar

ghost places in pune


Do you know what’s freaky? Dogs barking and howling at empty spaces. There have also been situations where people have heard bell sounds from the temple. The scary part is that no one is in the temple. Such paranormal activities take place in that area from 12 am onwards.  

9. Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School, Kondhwa

Believe it or not, but in 2011, a student saw a ghost come out of the blackboard. The kid then told his classmates and all of them in panic ran out of the building. The school was closed for a few days after the incident. Till today, this incident serves as a topic of discussion among new students. 

10. Khadki War Cemetery

haunted roads in pune


Cemeteries, in general, are a scary place to roam around in. However, this one, in particular, is beyond spooky. Many soldiers are buried here and somehow the moment you enter the place, weird energy surrounds you. You feel uneasy staying here and before anything unfortunate happens, you should just leave.

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