Feeling Brave? 9 Haunted Places In Bangalore We Dare You To Visit

Feeling Brave? 9 Haunted Places In Bangalore We Dare You To Visit

Don't kill me Mumbaikars, but I think I love Bangalore more than Mumbai. The weather is pleasant and the pubs are chiller. The only thing I dread the most is the distance from the airport to the city. It's so far, no? Apart from that, I'm also kinda freaked out about a few ghost stories my Bangalorean friends just told me about the other night. I don't know how far these are true, but I'm anyway sharing them with you. Whether you're brave enough to venture out and explore or not, I leave that up to you. Here are 9 haunted places in Bangalore that'll give you the chills. 

Haunted Places In Bangalore That Will Freak You Out

Are you fascinated by spooky and haunted places just like me? Here are 6 scary places in Bangalore that are creepy to the core.

1. The Spirits of Vera & Dolce Still Haunt Terra Vera

tera vera

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There was an Anglo-Indian lawyer named, EJ Vaz, and he built this house in 1943 for his spinster daughters, Vera and Dolce Vaz. Vera was an English tutor and Dolce was a piano instructor. In 2002, a tragedy took place. The younger sister, Dolce, was brutally murdered in front of Vera by a youth who broke into their house at midnight. While Vera was rescued by the police and later relocated to a safer place, poor Dolce could not be saved. She was buried in the house and the case till today for some mysterious reason hasn't been solved. Even though the house was demolished in Feb 2014, there have been reports of paranormal activities that take place in the area. Some say they've spotted headless statues, heard screams and the sound of a piano at night and even colder temperatures in certain areas. 

2. The Pretty Girl At NH4

Also known as the Bangalore - Mumbai highway, it's one the longest highways in Karnataka. What's scary about this stretch is that locals have often spotted a pretty girl asking for a lift at midnight. But the girl supposedly vanishes into thin air moments after sitting in the car. The moment a person drives off from the scene, she reappears outside again and laughs hysterically. I'm not sure about you, but I'm definitely not giving anyone a lift at NH4.

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3. The Ghosts Noone Talks About At Kempegowda International Airport


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I've travelled to this airport plenty of times, but never at night. According to my friends, there are two ghosts haunting the airport. One is the ghost of a woman wearing a white sari and the other one is a headless spirit. Post midnight, you could randomly encounter them at the escalators, parking area and cargo bay. A pilot has even spotted them on the runway. What's strange is that no one who works at the airport talks about it openly. I think just because they don't say it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 

4. Demonic Presence At Kalpalli Cemetery

Kalpalli cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. It is situated at Old Madras Road and is one of Bangalores oldest cemeteries. Friends have said that entering this place gives them goosebumps. The energy is so off and the air feels heavy. They feel suffocated and want to leave immediately. Some of them even feel that they're being watched by demons when they walk by this place. 

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5. The Foodie Ghost Who Loves Chilling At Victoria Hospital 

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This ghost isn't interested in scaring people, it wants food! Dressed in white, people have spotted this spirit in one of the trees that are planted in the hospital premises. The people working here have reported that their food and chai has mysteriously gone missing from their desks and canteen. I'm thinking, could this actually be a person and not a ghost? Or is it the other way around? This is so confusing. 

6. Evil Spirits Call The Banyan Tree At Tiptur Home

There's this particular banyan tree at Tiptur that is believed to be surrounded by evil energy. The place is 150 km from Bangalore and anyone who crosses paths with it encounters misfortune. Even though the tree has been cut down by the locals, it is still surrounded by negative energy. 

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7. The Mysterious Child At The Park

child murder

I don't know how far is this true, but the story is super creepy. A ghost who had the ability to take human forms was haunting a park in Bangalore. The park does not exist today and is converted into a residential building. There was an incident of 3 kids playing in the society. One of them got tired of playing after a while and sat on the bench nearby. After the other two kids called out to the third one, the child vanished into thin air. Turns out, the third kid didn't come down to play at all. He was with his mother at home for the entire day. It was the ghost who took his form and played with the two kids. 

8. The Murderer At The Hoskote Route

Another route that is known for supernatural sightings is Hoskote route. Don't ever go here at night, it's very shady and scary. I've heard that there was once an old lady who halted a driver to get a lift. She was disabled and needed help getting into the vehicle. Just before he could get out of his car, she started creepily laughing and told him if he stepped out, she would take his soul. The driver was creeped out and drove off immediately. Turns out, she was unable to get into the car because it had holy pictures of God in it. 

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9. The Knock of Death

door knock

Around the '90s in Bangalore, people used to write 'Naale Baa' outside their home. It basically means 'Come Back Tomorrow' in Kannada. Rumour has it that people have died because they answered the knock at the door at odd hours. To protect themselves from demons and the grim reaper, they would keep that quote outside their home. 

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