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10 Things Boyfriends Do That Make Our Hearts Beat Faster!

10 Things Boyfriends Do That Make Our Hearts Beat Faster!

No matter how troublesome they may be, our boyfriends are equally lovable too. There are some things they do that instantly melt our hearts.They know exactly what to do to win us over. Here are 10 little cute things boyfriends do that will make your heart beat faster (You’re a lucky girl!)

1. When he whispers into your ear a mushy compliment.

Don’t you just love it when your guy suddenly calls you beautiful and tells you how amazing you look today?! We bet that makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9!

1 cute things boyfriends do

2. When he sends you a cute good morning text message.

“Good morning, gorgeous” is the first text every girl wants to read in the morning. If your guy always sends you these cute messages, hold onto him tight! He’s a keeper.

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3. When he smells absolutely delicious!

There’s something down right sexy about a man who smells irresistible. Aren’t we right, ladies? 

3 cute things boyfriends do

4. When he cuddles with you and your head is on his chest.

That moment when his heartbeat rhythmically syncs with yours = aww!

5. When he gives you a bear hug from the back…

Warm and long hugs, followed with soft kisses on the neck, can make any girl go weak at the knees.

5 cute things boyfriends do

6. When he introduces you as his girlfriend to everyone!

Did he just tell the whole world that he’s now hooked, cooked and booked? Only goes to show how sure he is that you’re the one for him.

7. When he puts his arm around you during a movie…

And, not to forget, feeds you popcorn from the other hand. Oh, what cuteness!

7 cute things boyfriends do

8. When he kisses you on the forehead.

You know what’s even more passionate than kissing on the lips? Planting a kiss on the forehead, of course. Shows how much he cares about you!

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9. When he brings home a surprise gift for you!

He didn’t have to, but he did, because he loves you! Seeing a smile on your face instantly perks him right up.

9 cute things boyfriends do

10. When he plays with your fingers while holding your hand…

Don’t really know why men do this, but it feels so darn good and cute!

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17 Aug 2016

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