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18 Crazy Thoughts EVERY Guy Has On His Wedding Day!

18 Crazy Thoughts EVERY Guy Has On His Wedding Day!

If you thought only brides have a gazillion things going through their mind on D-Day, you are so wrong. It’s as huge and important a day for Mr Groom as well, and we can bet that some, if not all, of these thoughts run through his mind on the wedding day!


*Insert panic-stricken moment of realization.*

2. When did I grow up?

Wasn’t it only yesterday that I was writing my board exams?

2 Thoughts on wedding day


3. Life is going to change after today.

Obviously, I’m excited but hella nervous too!

4. There she is.

*Beams with happiness*

4 Thoughts on wedding day1

5. She has never looked more beautiful.

I’m a super lucky guy!


6. I hope I’m looking alright.

No way I can match her, but still!

6 Thoughts on wedding day

7. Why did no one tell me that mojris hurt so much?!

I would have loved to get married in my flip-flops.

8. Why is the photographer standing there?

That’s my bad angle!


8 Thoughts on wedding day1

9. Her parents look so sad, it’s breaking my heart.

Wait, do they think I won’t make their daughter happy?!

10. I hope she doesn’t cry too much during the vidaai.

It always breaks my heart when she cries.

10 Thoughts on wedding day


11. I’m glad all our friends could make it.

It just wouldn’t be the same without those cartoons!

12. What is this pandit saying?

Does it make me a bad person if I honestly can’t understand him?!

12 Thoughts on wedding day

13. She looks like she’s following it all.

Quick, make serious face as if really involved!


14. Why is it so darn hot?

Oh right, I’m wearing silk for what is the first and last time in my life.

14 Thoughts on wedding day

15. I can’t wait to take off for our honeymoon.

OOOOOO yeah!

16. Must I smile at every person coming to wish us?

My jaws hurt!


16 Thoughts on wedding day

17. I’m SO exhausted.

How is my wife doing all this in her heavy lehenga?!

18. OMG, did you hear that? I have a wife now. I am a friggin’ husband!!


18 Thoughts on wedding day 1


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23 Jun 2016

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