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Couple Gets Engaged On A Video Call During The Coronavirus Lockdown & It’s Aww-dorable!

Couple Gets Engaged On A Video Call During The Coronavirus Lockdown & It’s Aww-dorable!

The nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus has obviously made the world go topsy turvy. Many people were travelling and unfortunately got stuck there, others have had to postpone their wedding plans because of the pandemic. Many people are working from home and the outdoors have become a distant dream for everyone. However, in the midst of all this gloom, we bring to you a heartwarming love story that’ll make you all warm and fuzzy.

Meet Neha Sharma and Uttkarsh Bansal who got engaged on the 12th of April despite self-quarantine. Neha is in Nagpur while Utkarsh is in Delhi and even with a distance of 1000 km between them, these two managed to put a ring on it via WhatsApp video call.

Times Of India

“On April 10 my fiancé was supposed to arrive from Delhi with his family and hence on that particular day I was feeling gloomy. So my would-be mother-in-law cheered me up by saying that on April 12 I must wear the engagement dress and join them on a video call. At that time I took it lightly because I thought it was just to perk up my mood”, said Neha.

On Sunday, both of them spoke and the topic of the engagement wasn’t discussed. However, at around 11:30 at night, the bride-to-be got dressed and video called him. Utkarsh was so blown away by her beauty, that he quickly got dressed in a formal suit and they had their virtual engagement ceremony.

“I wore his engagement ring and he wore mine. He said that no matter if we are far away, we will always be together and all that”, added a giddy Neha. 

The young couple met in an arranged marriage setting and had their roka ceremony in January. They are to get married on the 19th of May which too might get postponed due to the uncertainty of the current situation.

This is so cute and it’s warmed my heart. It’s true what they say- where there is love, everything else falls into place. 

Featured Image: Times Of India


16 Apr 2020

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