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New Hair, Who This? 5 Of The Coolest Haircut Trends To Try Out This Season

New Hair, Who This? 5 Of The Coolest Haircut Trends To Try Out This Season

Fall is one of the best seasons to experiment with your hair. Since fashion trends get edgier this time of year, it only makes sense to have the right haircut to go with it. Haircuts can literally give you a whole new look and the styles trending this season are so expressive and cool, you won’t want to miss rocking them. Behold the coolest haircut trends for Fall 2021!

Trending Haircuts For Fall 2021

The coolest haircut trends everyone will be asking for this season.

The Wolf Cut

This haircut gained popularity on TikTok and it continues to dominate the hair trends list in 2021. The wolf cut is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet. It’s very punk and edgy making a cool hairstyle for those who love retro styles and are rock fans.

Curly Bangs

It is time to accept the idea that curly hair bangs are a great idea. The spring in this fringe style just makes your hair look even more alluring. Curly bangs can be choppy or texturised according to your curl pattern and face shape. There is no one-size-fits-all here.


Straight Bob

This haircut is chic and a classic haircut style that is coming back on the hot list. Straight bob haircuts have more volume and the slight layers that soften the edges allow the hair more movement. 

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Textured Lob

The cool girl haircut gets an upgrade with layers. Lobs were usually worn straight but now an addition of soft layers makes this look more wearable and low on maintenance.

Tailored Face Frame

A haircut is supposed to frame your face beautifully and each face shape is different. The trend is to opt for face-framing layers according to a person’s face shape and bone structure. The front hair sees soft and slanting layers while the hair at the back is full.


To make your haircut look even more amazing, you need to follow a proper hair care routine with the right products. We recommend:

Which of these haircut trends are you going to try this season?

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08 Nov 2021

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