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15 Haircuts For Curly Hair That Are Just Perfect For The Girl With Curls!


Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” A great way to begin 2021 is to get a haircut but we all know that chopping your tresses is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of effort to grow your tresses, more so when you have curly hair. And when getting a haircut for curly hair, you don’t want to take any risks. 

So, before you head out to the salon, you need to find some amazing haircuts for curly hair which will suit your hair type and your taste. If you still haven’t found your perfect haircut, fret not ‘coz we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best haircuts for curly hair that’ll make you want to book an appointment with your hairstylist. 

Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

Inverted Bob Cut

curly haircuts for women

Instagram – Inverted Bob Cut – Short Haircuts For Curly Hair



A bob cut is a perfect haircut for curly hair. Not only does it make it easier to handle your hair but it’s also playful and easy to style provided you pick the right bob cut for your curls. An inverted bob cut features a short back and long front. It also has a tapered back which gives it a more curved look.

Blunt Bob Cut

curly bob haircut

Instagram – Blunt Bob Cut – Short Haircuts for curly hair


A blunt bob cut is very versatile and can be perfect for any type or texture of hair. A short cut like blunt bob haircut for curly hair is a sleek hairstyle that cuts into a straight line at the ends. You can always add bangs along with this latest haircut for girls and customize it to suit your curls.


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Pixie Cut

curly pixie cut

Instagram – Pixie Cut Sort Haircut for curly hair


A pixie haircut for curly hair means you never have to struggle with styling! After all, we all know how difficult it is to manage and maintain curls. The hair is chopped short into cropped layers with a tousled effect and that makes it low maintenance. 


Stacked Bob Cut

best haircut for curly hair

Instagram – Stacked Bob Cut – Short Haircut for curly hair


In a short stacked bob haircut, the hair is cropped short at an angle. While the front is long and the back is short much like an inverted bob, this cut is rounded with layers which gives it more volume and makes it striking. This haircut for curly hair is perfect as it gives you a fun yet polished look. 

Asymmetrical Bob Cut

short haircuts for curly hair


Instagram – Asymmetrical Bob Cut  – Short haircut for curly hair


Like the name suggests, in this cut, your hair will be cropped short in an uneven manner. One side of your hair will be longer than the other and it requires very little maintenance. If you go with this haircut for curly hair, it saves you from the trouble of carrying the weight of your locks.


Medium Length Haircuts For Curly Hair

Angled Lob

curly hair cut


Instagram – Angled Lob – Medium length Haircut for curly hair


Lob also known as a long bob haircut and an angled lob haircut for curly hair is perfect if you have coarse curls. In this cut, the hair is chopped to the shoulder or collar bone length. This cut allows you to have medium length hair which is shorter from the back and gives you an edgier look.  

Layered Cut

haircuts for semi curly hair

Instagram – Layered Cut – Medium length hairrcut for curly hair 



A good old layered haircut for curly hair can work magic. It can enhance the texture of your tresses and give them more volume at the roots. Adding a few extra layers around your face can make it more flattering and you can also get some bangs or flicks with this cut.

A-Line Lob

A-line haircut for medium length curly hair

Instagram – A line lob – medium haircut for curly hair 


In this cut, the back is shorter and it gets longer towards the front and is cropped till the jaw-line or the collarbone, depending on your style. This haircut for curly hair can be customized according to your taste, you can go with a subtle or drastic graduation.


Versus Diametrix Haircut

haircut for medium length curly hair

Instagram – Versus Diametrix Haircut -Medium haircut for curly hair 


This is one of the best haircuts for curly hair and it suits every type of curls –from loose to tight. A Versus Diametrix cut is a long diagonal angled cut which uses a cutting technique that reduces the bulkiness of your hair from the bottom. This cut allows your curls to lie perfectly framed around your face and highlights the cheeks and lips. 

Bloused Triangle Shape Cut

medium haircut for curly hair


Instagram – Bloused Triangle Shape Cut – medium haircut for curly hair


In this haircut, the hair is trimmed at the end creating an open triangle-shaped elevated bottom. This haircut creates a balance between the length and volume of your hair starting from the eye level to the shoulders.

Long Haircuts For Curly Hair

V Cut

best haircut for curly hair

Instagram – V Cut – Long Haircuts For Curly Hair 



If you want a dramatic haircut for curly hair, a V cut that is heavily layered is perfect. The V shape at the end gives it a sharp angle and makes it look bold. It also gives your curls lots of movement while keeping them natural.

U Cut

U cut for long curly hair

Instagram – U cut -Long Haircuts For Curly Hair


Long hair can be difficult to manage, more so if you have curls. A simple U cut is perfect for your hair. It keeps your cut subtle and gives it an illusion of a more equal length.


Steep Layer Cut

curly haircuts for women

Instagram – Steep Layer Cut – Long Haircuts For Curly Hair


Tight and springy curls are the most difficult to manage and style but if you want a chic look that gives shape to your hair, we’d suggest a layered cut. A steep or a drastic layer cut can make your curls more visually appealing and stylish.

Step Cut

Step cut for long curly hair


Instagram – Step Cut – Long Haircuts For Curly Hair


Step haircut for curly hair can work like magic, more so if you have loose curls. This cut has lots of gaps and spacing which makes each and every step more precise and obvious. We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with the way each step will make your curls look even better.

Single Length Hair

haircut for long curly hair

Instagram – Single length Hair – Long Haircuts For Curly Hair



There’s no better way to highlight your curls than by keeping your haircut simple and basic. A one-length haircut for curly hair can make your curls look more natural with no elevations or over-direction. In this cut, the hair is cut in one single length and the ends are chopped at the same level.

Must-Know Hacks For Curly Hair


1. Shampoo can add to the frizz and dryness in your curly hair thanks to all the chemicals it contains. The best way to solve this problem is by cutting down the use of shampoo and conditioner and using milder alternatives and home remedies like good old plain water or apple cider vinegar or baking soda. 

2. Never comb or brush your hair starting from the roots. If you have curly hair, you already know the tangled mess that you’re going to find at the ends. So, instead of straining your roots, brush the ends and get rid of the knots before you start brushing from the top to the bottom. 

3. Curly or not, towels are a big no-no for drying your hair. Try to use a cotton t-shirt to wring out the water from your hair. Apart from reducing tangles, this hack will also improve the texture of your hair. 


4. Not all curls are alike. Some people have the perfect soft curly hair while others have tight and frizzy curls. This also means that your hair has different needs. So take a chance with different products and mix them up if required. Experiment with products and see which combination works for your curls.

5. The heat released after a workout can lock moisture in your tresses and nourish your curls. So, before you head out for your workout, use a deep conditioner or a hair mask and tie up your hair. Remember to wash your hair post-workout. 

6. Now, in most cases we wouldn’t recommend this but if you have frizzy curls you can try combing your hair when it’s wet. But it is essential that you remember that your hair is extremely fragile when it’s wet so be very gentle and careful when you comb or brush them because it might just reduce the frizz. 

7. Apart from using a deep conditioner, hair spa, serum, hair mask and all that, remember to nourish your hair with coconut oil. Massage some onto your scalp an hour or so before you wash your tresses. 


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We hope we’ve helped you pick the perfect haircut for curly hair!

Featured Image: Pexels

26 Feb 2021

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