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10 Celebrity Hairstyles That’ll Make You Wanna Go Chop Chop In 2020!

10 Celebrity Hairstyles That’ll Make You Wanna Go Chop Chop In 2020!

New year, new me is the perfect way to begin 2020. Be it better habits, working on your hobbies, having a more positive outlook, getting fit or changing up your look, it’s your one chance that comes at the beginning of every year to bring about some real changes. In this post, we’re going to ogle at some celebrity haircuts that will surely make you want to go chop chop and up your hair game. 

These Celebrity Haircuts Will Make You Want To Go Chop Chop in 2020!

Let’s book that appointment already!

Chop it like it’s short


No one pulls off short hair as PeeCee does. A neat side part and just a few layers at the hair ends to add the right amount of volume to her tresses, this hairstyle is one you’ll want to emulate.  

Level up


Hair that just about touches the shoulders and all at one level, we’re digging Kendall Jenner’s hair these days and it sure is a haircut you could get in 2020!

Snipped and volumized


If you have thick, long hair, go for Ananya Panday’s haircut. Mid-length hair and multiple layers to make it look even bigger will be a big trend this new year. 

Short and so chic


We were all so enamoured when Dippy posted her new hair on Instagram. We’ve seen her sport long, luscious locks for years, and this one looked like such a refreshing change. Wouldn’t you like to have a hairdo just like hers? We’d put it in the U-shaped lobs category. 

The romance in layers


Layers that start short and go a good 2-3 inches below the shoulders, Alia’s haircut is one that would suit almost all face shapes. Wouldn’t you want those dreamy waves to frame your face in 2020? Think no more, and book an appointment with your hairstylist NOW. 

The long and short of it


Bebo has always been stylish as far as her wardrobe goes, but this new haircut gets her even more brownie points. Slightly shorter hair at the back, long in front, and layers that add more character to the look – what’s not to love?!

Wavy, wispy and wonderful


A safe and sound choice – the subtle waves that Janhvi Kapoor has been flaunting have our hearts. Her tresses aren’t too short and the layers begin halfway through the hair’s length. This sure is a haircut many of you would want to flaunt this year. It’s not too experimental, yet so beautiful, right? 

Messy must


If we go by haircuts celebs are loving these days, the lob is a sure shot winner. The ease with which Radhika Apte pulls off this hair makes us want to go chop chop RN. 

All styled up


Tahira Kashyap fought the cancer battle and has been such an inspiration for many. And check out that ultra-chic haircut she’s sporting! More power to this stunner! After seeing this picture, we’re sure to see many women flaunting this hairstyle in 2020. 

Cuten up them curls


If you’re blessed with curls like Kangana, you need a haircut just like hers. Just a couple of layers near the ends and well-moisturised curls will work wonders for you in this new year. You could even go a tad bit shorter, if you may. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get choppin’ already!


07 Jan 2020

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