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This 1998 Episode Of CID Has ACP Pradyuman Tackling A Deadly Virus Similar To COVID-19

This 1998 Episode Of CID Has ACP Pradyuman Tackling A Deadly Virus Similar To COVID-19

Ask any 90s kid about their favourite shows, we’re pretty darn sure that CID will be one of their top five answers. Sure there were naagins, daayans and reincarnations, but crime mysteries in CID were pure gold and we have enough saboot of that.

And it turns out that ACP Pradyuman (who never got promoted), Daya (who didn’t let any door stand in his way) and Dr Salunkhe (the OG mastermind of the show) also dealt with “Khatarnak Virus Ka Rahasya”. Don’t believe us? Well, ACP Pradyuman himself has confessed that “it was quite similar to the current outbreak.”


Actor Shivaji Satam, who played ACP Pradyuman, recalled the episode and said it was “one of the most memorable CID episodes” in an interview with an entertainment portal. He said, “In the episode, we faced an unknown virus threat similar to the current pandemic, we needed masks and bodysuits to handle it. Of course, back then, all we could show was a vial of the fast-spreading contagion, but the premise was the same.” 

Missing Daya’s tight slaps that had all the criminals confessing their crimes or ACP Pradyuman’s catchphrases? Watch this episode where team CID investigates the reason behind the spread of a deadly virus.

The episode begins with a doctor crying in the CID office, where he goes on to reveal that a deadly virus would soon kill everyone. Further in the episode, he also reveals that the new type of virus spreads through respiratory droplets, like from a cough or a sneeze. The plot twist comes when the doctor fires an employee from his pharma company and the employee plans to take revenge by stealing the vial containing the isolated virus. Of course, in the end, ACP Pradyuman and team help save the day!

Apart from CID, there are a few other shows that somewhat predicted the coronavirus. The first on this list is Contagion. Even scientists agree that the portrayal of how the virus came about and how it spread is the closest to real-life happenings. A hugely popular South Korean drama series, called My Secret Terrius, also had a mention of coronavirus as a man-made bioweapon in one of its episodes. Similar to social-distancing that we are practising to contain the spread of the virus, the episode also had a man telling his partner to stay in his home to be safe. The Simpsons also had a 1993 episode that mentioned the spread of a highly contagious virus named the Osaka Flu. Well, you now have a few more options to include in your watch list.

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11 May 2020

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