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End Of An Era: 8 Most Bizarre Things That Happened On CID In The Last 21 Years

End Of An Era: 8 Most Bizarre Things That Happened On CID In The Last 21 Years

Over the past 21 years, CID has been one of the top-ranking shows on Indian television and recently, the makers announced that it's going to go off-air after a long run. We're sad AF and totally gonna miss everything about it, including ACP Pradyuman working on a super-secret investigation and telling Daya, "Kuch toh gadbad hai, Daya" and "Yeh darwaza tod do."

Since, the show has given us great memories, dialogues and recently even memes, but here are the eight bizarre things that have happened on the show that are mind-boggling. Intrigued? Read more.

1. The entire office only had seven employees on the floor

In case you didn't notice, the entire office used by the CID team, which has only had six employees. There was only one floor of that building shown for two decades.

2. Confessions only happen post 'one tight slap' from our daring officer Daya 

The suspect gets a slap from Daya in every episode and confess to committing the crime. So, there's no way a case can be solved without Daya's tight slap. 

Daya's slap

3. There is no POLICE involved, C.I.D handles every case

CID has total monopoly over the crime scene as we do not see any sign of the police department. No, they don’t even appear towards the end of the episode like they do during Bollywood climaxes!

4. The forensics team is handled only by two people, Dr Salunke and his assistant 

You can imagine the pressure, but the docs are armed with a quirky sense of humour nevertheless.

5. Daya can break through any door and Abhijeet is Superman

All the doors are supposedly wooden, which makes breaking down of doors by Daya more acceptable and believable. If there's a girl who is about to jump off a cliff, don't worry Abhijeet will fly and someone will throw a rope and he will hold on to that and catch the girl. Yay!

CID  Daya jumping and catching a girl

6. The team is extremely loyal to Toyota Qualis 

Toyota has remained the prime sponsor of the show. Ever wondered why they didn't use any other cars? Well, now you know. These cars have withstood all the wear and tear and are still in top condition!

8 Bizarre Things That Happened In CID Over The Past 21 Years

7. No one ever got a promotion on the show

Let's observe a moment of silence for the team because no one was ever promoted in the last 21 years despite successfully cracking the most complicated cases. Not even ACP Pradyuman.

8. Every witness remembers a person they saw only once 

Has that ever happened in real life? In CID, there's no way that the witness can get the face of the criminal wrong: the sketch is always super accurate and exactly like the real person.

Despite all of these, we will miss all the crazy fun that CID has managed to give us for the past 21 years. 

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