#Adorbs: 7 Brothers Dance For Their Sister At Her Wedding!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 6, 2016


How cool are these 7 brothers who put up a little dance number for their only sister at her wedding?! It may not be the most elegant choreography, but the effort they put in is seriously so adorable! Ranging from ages 15 to 46, these dancing men in their tuxedos definitely have us going aww and being impressed with their willingness to do something so uninhibited and spontaneous! Most girls love to hate their brothers for being overprotective – here’s a bunch of brothers reminding us that they can be super-fun and amazing too!

We’re personally loving their take on “Kajra re” and their funky “Single Ladies” moves (3:31-5:22) of this video). Men in suits grooving to one of Bollywood’s most iconic item numbers and then Beyonce – seriously, Beyonce! – if THAT doesn’t add a shot of awesome to a wedding, we don’t know what will! Friends and family of those soon to get married, take note! 😉

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