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10 Things You’ll Only Get If You Have A Brother

10 Things You’ll Only Get If You Have A Brother

Be it between brothers or sisters, the sibling bond is always special. But with a brother, it’s something else altogether. From fighting over petty things to being partners-in-crime, growing older and sharing your deepest secrets with each other, having a brother by your side is undeniably the best feeling ever. And it only becomes more enduring and beautiful as the years pass. It’s a blessed bond that would never fall apart!

On the occasion of Brother’s Day, rather than actually showering my brother with love, I’ve decided to pen down some things that I’m sure every brother-sister duo will relate to. Read on!

10 Things You’ll Get If You Have A Brother

There are certain things in a brother-sister relationship that are unique to it, regardless of who’s the elder sibling. If you too have a brother just like me, I’m sure you will definitely relate to these 10 things.

Nothing Triggers You Like Your Brother Does

I repeat, nothing! Little things like leaving the door open is all it takes for you to get mad at him. You probably wouldn’t get as angry if someone else did it though.

At The Same Time, He’s Super Protective Of You

He may not always show that, but deep down you know it’s true. Keeping his annoying and other aspects aside.

You Have A Better Relationship Now Than You Did As Kids

The teenage me and the 25-year-old me approves of this universal fact. Ask your brother, he’d agree too!

Raksha Bandhan Is Like Diwali At Your House

Especially for you because of all the money and pampering and attention you get. Which reminds me–August 3 is getting closer!

Older Or Younger, He Sometimes Acts Like A Second Father To You

Have you ever been scolded for coming home late? Or for not listening to your parents? Flashback part-2? Me too!

It’s Important For You That Your Brother & Boyfriend Get Along

It just is. I can’t explain.

When He’s Away From Home, It Doesn’t Really Feel Like ‘Home’

I live in Delhi while my brother lives in Mumbai. It can get difficult to adjust when he’s home for a few days but for the next couple of days after he’s gone again, it feels khaali-khaali and sad. (Don’t tell my brother that.) Not sure if that works the other way round though *eye roll*.

‘Who Should Make Maggi This Time’ Is A Hot Topic Between You Two

You both want to eat Maggi but never want to be the one to make it. Especially in summer ‘coz garmi. Raise your hand if you’ve slept hungry rather than setting your ego aside and feeding both! Although, why can’t he make it?

You Always Make/Made Each Other Feel Guilty For The Slap Marks

Yeh dekh kitna laal nishaan pad gaya!

You Stay Up All Night Giving Each Other Gyaan On Life

The honesty and bonding going on here doesn’t compare to any conversation with a best friend or boyfriend. Period.

Do you agree or do you agree?

Featured Image: Instagram; GIFs: Giphy

22 May 2020

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