13 Hilarious Insults Only Your Brother Can Get Away With!

13 Hilarious Insults Only Your Brother Can Get Away With!

Your brother is, undoubtedly, your biggest confidante and best friend, protecting you always from everything and everyone. But he is also the bane of your existence, single-handedly ruining your happiness by pulling your leg with smart-ass comments. And let’s be honest, he’s the only one who can get away with it because you know that’s how he shows you his affection. Here are 13 hilarious but totally relatable insults only your brother can get away with!

1. ‘I’m not saying that you are fat, just that soon you’ll be the size of a baby elephant. Pretty cool, haan?’

Ah! This is a classic!

2. ‘You must be so proud of yourself, you’ve managed to accomplish nothing in your 20+ years of existence.’

If you think all your accomplishments mean something to him, they don’t!

3. ‘Go ahead, stuff your face with all the food that is there in the house and when you’re done eating food, you can start eating us.’

But I only had a bite of food!

3 only your brother can get away with

4. ‘How are all your friends so pretty when you look like such a monkey. Did they become friends with you because they feel bad for you?’

Just accept it, your brother will never compliment you!

5. ‘You chose the perfect guy for yourself. Your boyfriend is an idiot too. Match made in heaven!’

No guy can be good enough for his sister, even if he is perfect!

6. ‘Oh my god, you’re watching Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham again? I know you’ve always wanted to be Poo but you’re really a laddoo!’

Oh, how the mighty fall!

6 only your brother can get away with

7. ‘Please go away, I’m busy right now. I’ll ignore you later.’

This happens every time you have something important to discuss!

8. ‘What’s with all that hideous makeup? I don’t think Ekta Kapoor is having any auditions for her serial right now.’

Standard comment even if you just put lipstick!

9. ‘You’ve hit a new low of stupidity today. Please don’t open your mouth for the next two weeks.’

Every time you crack a joke, every time!

9 only your brother can get away with

10. ‘You’re glowing today! Did you take a bath after 6 months or what?’

Confused if that’s a compliment or insult!

11. ‘Leave me alone. I’m tired of looking at your unpleasant face. It makes me want to throw up!’


12. ‘Wow! New dress? You almost look like a decent human being.’

That’s the most you’ll get out of him!

12 only your brother can get away with

13. ‘Shut up already. Your irritating voice is making my ears bleed.’

But my voice is really pleasant!

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