Dear Big Brother, Why You’ll ALWAYS Be My Favourite Person!

Dear Big Brother, Why You’ll ALWAYS Be My Favourite Person!
To the only man who’s grown up fighting with me, and now fights for me. Who was there as my champion before any other man and will forever stay so. Big brother, you rock! This is why you’ll always be my FAV guy in the entire world!

1. You give me super advice, without ever overdoing it

With you, there is zero drama. You let me vent, and then say exactly what I want to hear, without making the issue bigger than it already is.

2. You’re super easy to hang out with

On days, when I want a break from work, and even from my usual social circle, I can just lie on the couch and watch TV all day long with you, and by the end of it - feel relaxed. Even though I am the butt of so many jokes you crack, Bro, only you can make me roll with laughter with your nonsense.

love my brother 2

3. You ALWAYS have my back

Standing between mom/ dad and me, and always, always letting me have my way.

4. You are my technology support

And since we were kids, all my failed lappy and phone found their way to you. Even if you couldn’t fix them yourself, you always knew someone who could do it for you.

love my brother 4

5. You also had the most awesome games and movies

So that I always knew everything that was ‘cool’ way before all my friends did.


6. You protect me like no one else...

So that no creep ever bothered me. Plus, I know any guy you approve of will be worth my care and attention, even though you may give him a tough time before you give him your approval!

love my brother 6

7. You gave me guy facts...

And made me immune to all that toilet humor and everything gross!

8. You are always there to share great junk food with me...

And usually eat scraps left from my share too!

love my brother 8

9. You get me everything I ask you for

And spend a BIG share of what you earn on my phone recharge, shoes and bags :-D

10. Plus all that wrestling and fighting while growing up made me super strong...

And now I can fight my way through the world. Thanks for showing me how to be my own hero.

love my brother 10

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