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40 Blouse Sleeves Design To Give A Stylish Twist To Your Saree Or Lehenga


Sarees and lehengas make for the perfect outfits to wear when attending a close friend’s wedding or a cocktail party. While we all love dressing up, let’s be honest- having to pick a fashionable ethnic attire every time can be quite a task. Often, sarees and lehengas are easily found, but we struggle with finding the perfect blouse design. A blouse with a good design can make even a dull saree look glam, which is why we have compiled a list of blouse sleeves designs that you can choose from!

Latest Blouse Sleeve Designs


Dramatic sleeve blouses are trending currently. Whether you are pairing the blouse with a saree or with a lehenga, make sure you add a dramatic flair to your outfit with these latest blouse sleeve designs!

Ruffled Sleeve

Ruffled Sleeve Blouse - latest blouse sleeve designs

Instagram – Latest Blouse Sleeves Design


Ruffled style blouses have been gaining a lot of popularity. The ruffles enhance the flowy silhouette of your outfit, and add some much-needed drama!

Embroidered Halter Neck Blouse

Embroidered Halter Neck Blouse - best blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Stylish Blouse Sleeves Design


This bridal zardozi embroidered halter-neck blouse looks stylish, yet perfectly complements the ethnic and traditional look of a lehenga.

Feathered Sleeve

Feathered Sleeve - latest blouse sleeve designs 2021

Instagram – Frill Sleeves Blouse Design


If you find plain half-sleeved blouses boring, why not opt for feathered sleeves like these? One of the latest blouse sleeves designs, the feathered sleeves add a fun layer to your outfit.

Off-Shoulder Puff Sleeves

Off-Shoulder Puff Sleeves - blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Off Shoulder Sleeves Blouse Design


Puffed sleeves in solid fabric may not be for everyone, but we gotta say, Juhi Godambe knows how to pull it off with great panache. This off-shoulder puffy-sleeved blouse gives a modern twist to the saree, and the bright pink colour works really well!

Layered Ruffle Sleeves

Layered Ruffle Sleeves - latest blouse sleeve designs

Instagram – Layered Ruffled Blouse Sleeves Design


Neither too over-the-top nor too basic, these layered ruffle sleeves look great with a saree, as well as a lehenga! This latest blouse sleeve design is quite a rage these days.

Drop Shoulder Blouse With Bishop Sleeves

Drop Shoulder Blouse With Bishop Sleeves - blouse sleeves design 2021

Instagram – Drop Shoulder Sleeves Design


The asymmetric look of this Bishop sleeved blouse with one drop shoulder is perfect to wear if you’re looking for something unique.

Cape Style Blouse

Cape Style Blouse - latest blouse sleeve designs

Instagram – Cape Style Blouse Sleeves Design


Off-shoulder cape style blouse creates a horizontal neckline, and you can accessorize with an elaborate neckpiece. This embroidered ivory cape looks absolutely stunning, and can also be worn with a saree.  

Off-Shoulder Blouse With Ruffled Sleeves

Off-Shoulder Blouse With Ruffled Sleeves - best blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Off Shoulder Ruffled Sleeves Design


If you are one of those people who think a simple off-shoulder blouse with plain sleeves is boring, then you can opt for ruffled sleeves like these. This frill sleeves blouse design adds extra oomph to your off-shoulder blouse.

Puffed Sheer Blouse

Puffed Sheer Blouse - best puff blouse sleeves designs

Instagram – Puffed Sleeves Blouse Design


Opt for this puffed sheer blouse sleeve design if you have a heavily embroidered /embellished blouse. The organza puff sleeves will balance out the look perfectly, while also making you look stylish!  

Off-Shoulder Bell Sleeves

Off-Shoulder Bell Sleeves- best blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Full Sleeves Blouse Design


This is one of the full sleeves blouse designs, and doesn’t it look so dreamy? The flared sleeves in organza silk add movement to the blouse, and the floral embroidery makes it look oh-so-pretty!

Stylish Blouse Sleeve Designs


Make a fashion statement with these stylish blouse sleeve designs that can take your basic saree look up a notch. You can change the overall look of an ethnic outfit by giving it a modern spin if you want to! Check out some of the stylish sleeves designs that you can draw inspiration from.  

Off-Shoulder Fringe Style Blouse

Off-Shoulder Fringe Style Blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Fringe Style Sleeves Design


Sophie Choudry absolutely rocks this Tarun Tahiliani outfit! Simply adding fringes to the off-shoulder blouse makes it stand out. Don it with a net saree, or a chiffon saree, and add a statement neckpiece to complete the look.

Wrap Sleeves

Wrap Sleeves - Best Stylish blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Wrap Sleeves Blouse Design


This one is among the blouse sleeve designs that is trending, and for good reason! If you wish to attend an event and wear something unique, then go for this blouse. Not only does this blouse with wrap sleeves make you stand out, but it also accentuates the neckline, and gives a princessey vibe.

Voluminous Ruffled Blouse

Voluminous Ruffled - Stylish Blouse sleeves design 2021

Instagram – Voluminous Ruffled Sleeves Design


A little over-the-top, this voluminous ruffled blouse features sheer ruffles for sleeves. You can opt for something like this for a special occasion, and make sure all eyes are on you!

Sheer Off-Shoulder Balloon Sleeves

Sheer Off-Shoulder Balloon Sleeves blouse design

Instagram – Sheer Off-Shoulder Balloon Sleeves Design


Sonam Kapoor opted for this off-shoulder balloon sleeves blouse that added an overall contemporary spin to the saree. The sheer sleeves make it look light, while at the same time, adding a dramatic flair and a modern look. Rocking this blouse sleeve design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, though!

Off-Shoulder Flared Sleeves

Off-Shoulder Flared Sleeves - stylish blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Flared Full Sleeves Blouse Design


Give a magical touch to your off-shoulder blouse with these long and flared sleeves. This Anushree Reddy creation makes for an excellent choice for pre-wedding festivities. The net sleeves add the perfect amount of oomph to the whole outfit, and we’re loving it!

Exaggerated Sheer Bishop Sleeves

Exaggerated Sheer Bishop Sleeves blouse design

Instagram – Full Sleeves Blouse Design


The organza full sleeves blouse with the exaggerated bishop sleeves add a magical, dreamy element to your outfit, especially if the blouse or the lehenga is heavily embellished. While such exaggerated Bishop sleeves in a solid fabric run the risk of looking too bulky, using soft and sheer fabric is the key to getting this look right!

Extra-Long Cape Sleeves


Instagram – Extra-Long Cape Sleeves Design


Doesn’t this give off royal vibes? The stunning off-shoulder cape-style sleeves add a flair of drama to the outfit. This long sleeve blouse design is sure to make heads turn, and the extra-long sleeves add a vertical element to the outfit, making you appear taller.  

Blouse With Cutout Sleeves

Blouse With Cutout Sleeves design

Instagram – Cutout blouse sleeves design


Basically, a cold shoulder blouse with a deeper cutout, opt for this blouse sleeve design when using plain coloured fabric for the blouse. As shown in the picture, you can have cutouts added to the neckline of the blouse.

Bishop Style Flounce Sleeves

Bishop Style Flounce Sleeves - Best blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Bishop Style Flounce Sleeves Design


Make a fashion statement with these Bishop style flounce sleeves! If simple flounce sleeves are too basic for you, and if you’re going for a more OTT look, this sleeve design is an excellent choice. Combining the puffed style sleeves with some flare at the bottom, this full sleeve blouse design gives a fluid look to your blouse.

Draped Blouse Sleeve Design

Draped Blouse Sleeve Design

Instagram – Draped Satin Blouse Sleeve Design


Quite similar to the wrap blouse sleeves design, this seamless blouse with a knot in between gives a great flow to the sleeves. 

Simple Blouse Sleeve Designs


On certain occasions, you might want to avoid wearing over-the-top statement blouses along with your saree or lehenga. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look great and fashionable! Here are some simple blouse sleeve designs that make you look stylish and classy at the same time.

Cap Sleeves

Cap Sleeves - Best Blouse Sleeves Design

Instagram – Simple blouse sleeves design


If an OTT look isn’t for you, go for cap sleeves for your blouse. This simple blouse sleeve design looks elegant and works perfectly if you wish to balance out a heavily embroidered saree. You can also choose to have some embroidery on the sleeve, as you can see in the picture.  

Elbow-Length Blouse

Elbow- Length Blouse -simple blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Elbow length sleeves blouse design


Elbow-length blouses, which were a rage in the 90s are regaining popularity once again! This simple blouse sleeve design can be paired with any kind of saree of any fabric, and will undoubtedly give a classy look.

Three-Fourth Sleeves

Three-Fourth Sleeves - simple blouse sleeve designs

Instagram – Basic three fourth sleeves design


This is a classic blouse sleeve design that never goes out of trend, for obvious reasons. It looks stunning especially when it’s a high neck blouse, or a collared blouse. You can experiment with three-fourth sleeves by adding fringes or lace at the bottom.

Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves blouse design

Instagram – Bell Shaped Full Sleeves Design


Long bell sleeves can add flow to your overall look when opted for in a soft or sheer fabric. These fall freely, and are flared, and will look great when paired with a lehenga.

Puff Sleeves

Puff Sleeves - simple blouse sleeves design 2021

Instagram – Designer Puff Sleeves Design


Puff sleeves work well with a blouse having a deep neckline. Jacqueline Fernandez looks straight out of a fairytale in this puff-sleeved blouse with lehenga.

Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder- best simple blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Stylish Cold Shoulder Sleeves Design


A simple cold shoulder blouse can amp up your entire look! You can pair up an embroidered sheer cold shoulder blouse with a plain coloured saree for a simple and stylish look.

Off-Shoulder Blouse With Short Sleeves

Off-Shoulder Blouse With Short Sleeves

Instagram – Short Sleeves Blouse Design


Off-shoulder blouse sleeve designs are quite the rage these days, especially with lehengas. This Tarun Tahiliani ombre lehenga features a draped, off-shoulder blouse with short sleeves, giving it a gorgeous look.

Off-Shoulder With Long Sleeves

Off-Shoulder With Long Sleeves design

Instagram – Off Shoulder with Long Sleeves Design


This sequined off-shoulder blouse with long sleeves is simply stunning, and is a good choice for those looking for a feminine look. The horizontal neckline of the blouse goes well with the verticality and flow of a lehenga.

Short Flared Sleeves

Short Flared Sleeves -  Best Simple blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Short Flared Sleeves Design


Let’s be real, finding a lot of variations in designs of short-sleeved blouses can be a task. If you wish to opt for short sleeves for your blouse, but still make it a bit dramatic, this short flared blouse sleeve design will be a great choice.

Cold Shoulder Blouse With A Twist

Cold Shoulder Blouse With A Twist - blouse sleeves design

Instagram – Cold Shoulder Blouse Sleeves Design


If you want to show off your arms in a sleeveless blouse design, but also don’t wanna seem basic, you can opt for sleeves like these! This cannot exactly be called a cold shoulder, but the dropping sleeves will give a look like that.

Full Sleeve Blouse Design


Full sleeve blouses are never going out of style, that’s for sure. They have been in trend for many years, and over a period of time, long-sleeved blouses have been given some contemporary twists, making them look more fashionable. Below are some full-sleeve blouse designs that you will definitely love.

Long Fitted Sleeves

Long Fitted Sleeves - full sleeves net blouse designs

Instagram – Long Fitted Sleeves Design


Fitted full sleeves make your outfit look royal, especially when you’re opting for a lehenga! It is a simple blouse sleeve design, yet timeless.

Sheer Netted Full Sleeved Blouse

Sheer Netted Full Sleeved Blouse design

Instagram – Full Sleeved Blouse Design


Elegant and pretty, you can never go wrong with full sleeves net blouse designs. Kangana Ranaut looks beautiful in Tarun Tahiliani’s gold gotta patti work saree, which she has paired with a sheer full-sleeved blouse, embellished towards the top and the sleeve-end. 

Bishop Sleeves

Bishop Sleeves- best full sleeves net blouse designs

Instagram – Bishop Sleeves Blouse Design


Give your ethnic outfit a classy and formal touch by pairing it with this Bishop sleeved blouse which consists of puff sleeves, enhanced with the cuff at the end. 

One-Shoulder Puffed Sleeve Blouse

One-Shoulder Puffed Sleeve Blouse design

Instagram – One-Shoulder Puffed Sleeve Blouse Design


Looking for something fun to wear to a wedding cocktail party? Then go for this one-shoulder puffed sleeve blouse and add a dash of oomph to your outfit for the evening!

Metallic Applique Long Sleeved Blouse

Best Metallic Applique Long Sleeved Blouse design

Instagram – Metallic Long Sleeved Blouse Design


This metallic applique blouse looks oh-so-glamorous! It will go well with a silver saree, as shown in the picture, or just pair it with any solid-colored saree.   

Layered Butterfly Sleeve Blouse Design

Layered Butterfly Sleeve Blouse Design 2021

Instagram – Layered Butterfly Sleeve Blouse Design


These butterfly sleeves give the blouse a unique touch, and work well for women with a petite frame. Make sure you use a soft, flowy fabric when opting for this full-sleeve blouse design.

One Shoulder Blouse With Full Sleeve

One Shoulder Blouse - Full Sleeve Blouse Design

Instagram – One Shoulder Blouse With Full Sleeve Design


Looking for an outfit for a cocktail evening? Pair this one-shoulder blouse with full sleeves along with an embellished lehenga for the perfect look!

Shoulder Puff Full Sleeve Blouse

Shoulder Puff - Full Sleeves blouse design

Instagram – Shoulder Puff Full Sleeve Blouse Design


Get a complete regal and traditional look with this shoulder puffed long sleeve blouse!  

Off-Shoulder Blouse With Drop Sleeves

Best Off-Shoulder Blouse - Drop Sleeves blouse design

Instagram – Drop Sleeves Blouse Design


A simple off-shoulder blouse will likely have a horizontal neckline. If that’s not what you are looking for, but still want the off-shoulder look, go for these drop full-length sleeves, that break the horizontality of the blouse.

Corseted Bell Sleeves Blouse

Corseted Bell Sleeves Blouse Design 2021

Instagram – Bell Sleeves Blouse Design


Get ready to steal the show in this corseted bell sleeves blouse by Shehlaa Khan. After all, full sleeves blouse designs don’t have to be basic!


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Featured Image: Rukshardhillon12, Juhigodambe, Sabyasachiofficial on Instagram


14 Jul 2021

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