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Throwback Moments That’ll Remind Salman That Violence, In Fact, Exists In Bigg Boss House

Throwback Moments That’ll Remind Salman That Violence, In Fact, Exists In Bigg Boss House

While things might have changed pretty dynamically in the very first month of Bigg Boss 14, there is in fact something that has been a constant all this while: Rubina Dilaik fiercely raising her voice against everything problematic in the house! Needlessly to say that host Salman Khan is already pretty miffed with the contestant and recently lashed out at her for constantly insinuating that violence is a norm in the Bigg Boss house. 

He further told Rubina that there is actually no place for violence in the Bigg Boss house and nothing violent has happened in the season while she stood by her point. Well, now evicted contestant Sara Gurpal has also come in the actresses’ support and backed her by saying “#RubinaDilaik is right by saying hinsa hoti hai! #BigBoss ne saaf saaf bola hota hai ki bal (strength) ka upyog na kre. Lekin task k waqt yes hinsa hoti hai. Log insaniyat bhul jate hai. My eyes! #AbhinavShukla’s face #ShehzadDeols right eye! Kuch examples hai. Thank you.”

However, even without Sara having to quote her injury, isn’t it pretty delusional to say that no violence exists in the Bigg Boss house? But now that Salman has insisted upon the same, here’s a reminder of all the times where it got next level violent in the Bigg Boss house. Scroll through:

Asim Riaz Pushes Sidharth Shukla

To begin with, Bigg Boss 13 was easily the most violent season of the show. And we aren’t exaggerating it when we say that almost every task was a violent one with most of them getting cancelled owing to all the violence and chaos. That said, Sidharth and Asim who started as best buddies in the show, got involved in some really aggressive fights and Asim also ended up pushing him in one of them. However, Sidharth was equally aggressive and tried physically intimidating Asim and other contestants as well. 

Devoleena Bhattacharjee Slaps Shehnaaz Gill

Again in season 13, things got really ugly in the Bigg Boss house during the ‘snakes and ladder’ task. While the things started getting haywire after Sidharth Shukla lost his cool and started destroying everything during the task, it turned out to be a huge shocker when Devoleena attacked Shehnaaz, tried slapping her, and then after a failed attempt, tried again and succeeded. 

Swami Om Breaks The Bathroom Door

Bigg Boss season 10 again was a pretty crazy one and the presence of contestants like Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga only made things worse. During the Bigg Boss Hostel task, the two contestants really lost it and Swami Om even ended up damaging the house property and breaking a bathroom door. However, Bigg Boss came up with a very interesting punishment for Swami Om to make up for all the violence and legit asked him to repair the bathroom door. 

Bani J Tackles Lopamudra Raut

When Bani J entered the Bigg Boss house, those who had watched her in Roadies before were in for a surprise. She looked like she wasn’t as impulsive and aggressive as she used to be during her Roadies days. However, the house soon started testing her patience and she lost all her cool during a task where contestants were asked to irk each other by saying provocative things over the phone. During the task, Lopamudra Raut ended up making comments about Bani J’s mother which angered the contestant and she ended up smashing and breaking the phone that was given to her. However, it did not end just there and Bani later charged towards Lopa and ended up grabbing her. The two of them got into a physical fight and the other contestants had to intervene to stop it.  

Sreesanth Slaps Rohit Suchanti

Sreesanth again happens to be one of the most violent contestants in the Bigg Boss history, made season 12 quite an insufferable drag, and was often seen getting really violent during the tasks. His temper was quite an issue throughout the season and it got out of hands during the ‘School bus task’ when he ended up slapping Rohit Suchanti. 

Gautam Gulati Abuses Karishma Tanna

Bigg Boss 8 or Bigg Boos Halla Bol! was pretty intense too. It all started after the season’s winner Gautam Gulati got into an aggressive fight with Karishma Tanna during a task. In the task, Karishma was supposed to make Gautam get up from a chair by means of hook or crook. He lost it after the actress applied chili on his face and started screaming aggressively and abusing Karishma by shouting “mujhe hurt ho raha hai,” “mujhe hurt ho raha hai.” It led to an even bigger fight between the two that continued till the end of the season. 

Kushal Tandon Attacks Andy

In season 7, Kushal Tandon was literally thrown out of the Bigg Boss house after launching a violent attack on Andy. During a luxury budget task called ‘ignore the obvious’ Andy was asked to irritate and instigate the housemates with his antics. Things got really ugly when Andy started making personal comments on Gauahar Khan’s lingerie. It was back when some serious romance was brewing between Gauahar and Kushal and the latter obviously didn’t take it well when personal comments were made about the actress. Right after the comment, he pounced on Andy who would have been seriously beaten had it not been for the other housemates who stopped Kushal on time. 

Lastly, it is hard to forget that Salman in fact supported a lot of these violent contestants like Sidharth Shukla and Sreesanth during their Bigg Boss journey. Pretty convenient to forget someone’s bad side with that attitude, right?

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03 Nov 2020

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