From Dhinchak Pooja To Swami Om, 10 'Celebs' Who Are Famous For Problematic Reasons

From Dhinchak Pooja To Swami Om, 10 'Celebs' Who Are Famous For Problematic Reasons

From Rakhi Sawant's 'chitting' claims to Dhinchak Pooja's ghastly music, there are some 'celebs' in India who are famous (read infamous) for all the wrong reasons. Interestingly, not only all these people hit instant fame by a bout of luck, but they have also managed to keep afloat one antic after another. Welcome, to the Indian territory of cringe stardom, a phenomenon that finds its fuel in our love for all things bizarre and weird. 

However, irritating as you might find each one of these celebs the truth remains that it is sort of hard to forget them. I mean how can you easily forget Swami Om and all the madness that he conjured during his time at Bigg Boss? In a way, they are so bad that they are good. You know what we mean, right?

Well, this is part of the reason why these 'celebs' continue to remain famous while pulling on one bonkers stunt after the other. Clearly, we are part of the reason and it will keep happening until we let go of our love for cringe-TV. However, for now, let's just pay a quick homage to all these weird 'celebs' who kept the show going with their weird antics:

Dhinchak Pooja


In a rather curious case, Dhinchak Pooja is one of those YouTube ‘stars’ who achieved overnight success owing to her bizarre ‘songs’ that had everyone watching simply to appreciate her guts. From one ludicrous song after the other, her cringe-pop songs had everyone equal parts annoyed and amused. However, all that mockery didn’t deter Pooja at all who later also made an appearance on Bigg Boss 11 right after churning a terribly tone-deaf and off-note song, called Dilon Ka Shooter Hai Mera Scooter. BTW, she has also managed to make lakhs and lakhs of money owing to people like you and I who searched these YouTube videos simply for cringe-watch purposes. 

Swami Om

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From getting in an ugly fistfight with a woman on national television to stealing bicycles, you name it and Bigg Boss 10 fame Swami Om has done it! But wait there's more! Swami Om claims that he is as chamatkaari as it gets, can foresee the future, and is the master of tantra vidya. During his appearance on Bigg Boss, he also claimed he has to follow the strict discipline to preserve his practice and was later seen binging on tandoori chicken and kebabs. Notorious for agitating people by his antics, he had to face everyone’s ire and was thrown out of the show after he ended up throwing his urine on fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra. However, his madness streak continues to go strong even after the show. He has been claiming that he slapped Salman Khan during the show's run and was also beaten by the crowd during an event where he was invited as the chief guest after saying problematic things about women. As we said, you say it and Swami Om has done it! 

Poonam Pandey


This former Kingfisher model rose to fame back in 2011 after she promised to strip naked for the Indian cricket team if it won the 2011 Cricket World Cup. And while there weren’t any updates about the celebratory striptease even after India managed to win the cup, she still stayed in the limelight owing to her bold claims for months to come. However, she did not strictly disappoint all those who were looking forward to her strip shows by starting her own website where she has been posting regular semi-nude videos for her subscribers. 


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Creepily self-obsessed, KRK boasts of a huge following on Twitter owing to his weird tweets and crazy stories that he keeps spinning around his claimed affluent roots. Oh also, follow him at your own risk because when mad he immediately gives you the tag of 2RSPpl (2 rupees people) and he gets mad quite often. KRK got largely infamous for sending kissing emojis to actress Asin for a sustained time period till he laid his eyes on Sara Khan and also proposed to her. Apart from that, abusing and ridiculing celebs on his Twitter handle is an everyday affair for KRK who clearly has no other talents, well unless unnecessarily abusing people and being a huge nuisance happens to be one. 

Rahul Mahajan


Living on the legacy of his politician dad, Rahul Mahajan actually came in the media limelight after allegations of domestic abuse by his first wife. Soon enough, Rahul was seen in Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, the reality show sequel to Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. Unlike Rakhi he did follow through and married the girl of his liking Dimpy Ganguli right then on the show. However, as per media reports, the marriage could not even last for a year and the news of domestic abuse again started surfacing against him. But it did not stop there. Both Rahul and Dimpy appeared together on Bigg Boss 8, where the majority of their time was spent screaming on each other (well, apart from the moments when he was hitting on other women.)

Rakhi Sawant


And while we are on Rahul and Swayamwar, we might as well discuss Rakhi Sawant who always has a way of keeping herself in the limelight. From declaring that Baba Ramdev is her dream man to ridiculing Sunny Leone for being a porn star and then later on announcing that she is considering a career in the porn industry, Rakhi is majorly known for her unfiltered (also, bizarre) opinions. Her very own reality show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar was also quite marred with controversies and while Rakhi appeared in one more reality show with the man of her choice, she never really married him. Just like most other controversial Indian celebs, she also was a Bigg Boss participant that helped change her image a bit. However, staying true to her brand, she recently claimed that she has married a rich London-based businessman and kept posing with bridal finery, sindoor and all before deciding to give up the entire plot sheerly out of boredom. 

Hindustani Bhau

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Infamous for his abusive YouTube videos, Hindustani Bhau recently had his account suspended by Instagram after several users accused him of promoting violence and hate speech on social media. He was also seen in the recent season of Bigg Boss where while he appeared mostly contained, there were moments when his chauvinistic self did peek out. 

Sofia Hayat


The ever so bold Sofia Hayat had everyone really, really confused with her decision to turn into a nun seven years ago. Mind you, this was the same person who proudly showed off her naked picture that she had used to cover her coffee table during a reality show. However, true to herself, Sofia kept the spiritual voyage duly interesting and started a brand new controversy after sharing a semi-nude picture in front of an OM, an act that didn’t go too well with a lot of people out there. “Spiritual is sexy,” Sofia says and while it has been seven years of her turning to the spiritual path people are somehow still not buying it all. 

Pooja Misrra


Well, if you have reached this part of the story, then you are really asking for it and who are we to deny you the joy of one of the most iconic (in the most convoluted sense of the term) Bigg Boss contestants ever! Famous for her frequent outbursts during her time at Bigg Boss 5, Pooja stayed in the limelight even after the show owing to various allegations that she kept making against a number of big names from the industry. From accusing Sonakshi Sinha of “usurping” her Bollywood opportunities to slapping a huge lawsuit against Sunny Leone, Pooja always has someone to blame for her troubles. However, it got a little difficult for her to lay it on someone else after a video of her slapping a staff member from a 5-star hotel went viral. 

Well, like them or hate them, the truth remains that these problematic 'celebs' actually keep it quite interesting, one controversy after the other. Who's your favourite cringe-celeb out of these all?

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